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2001 GMC Yukon: power increases (catches

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I have a 2001 GMC Yukon XL. The power steering has what I can best describe as a "catch" at certain positions. When attempting to make steering adjustments the resistance seems like it increases (catches)and then all of a sudden releases. It is most notable at higher speeds and paved roads that have deeper ruts worn in them. So far I have had the alignment done, replaced all of the shocks and had the steering box checked (said it was ok). I also put new Michelins on all the way around. All of this helped the overall steering but not this specific problem. I have done some more research on the internet and have seen several other owners that have described their problem almost exactly as mine. In those cases, the resulting fix was to replace the steering position module which boosts or reduces the amount of boost or assist that the power steering provides. It sounds as if this is just an electromagnetic ring that fits over the steering column. My question is does this sound like a reasonable solution to this problem. What would be the ballpark to fix something like this? Thank you.

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. About your vehicle.

Yes that sound just like a bad steering wheel position sensor. I have done quite a few of them over the years. The prices are as follows, thanks

They also show to have them after maret, (autozone) for less.

Autozone Price:


Parts Information
Part OEM Part Price
Steering Column Position Sensor
Position Sensor 26084178 $87.42
Labor Skill
Steering Column Position Sensor
Replace B 0.6 1.5
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