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GMC Envoy xuv: The front drivers side speaker is working..faintly

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My GMC Envoy xuv rear speakers are not working. The front drivers side speaker is working but only faintly. However, both the front speakers are working. Any idea how to approach fixing the speakers, or what may be the cause of the rear speakers to quit working?
do you have any random speakers kicking around your house that you know work?would make things allot easier if you did for testing purposes
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have some computer speakers will that work because thats all I have.

Where would you suggest me to start at the radio or back door panels?

What are the steps to disassemble the back door panel? Can you provide a link?

sure.what you can do is pop off any one of the rear door panels.then unplug the speaker temporally wire up that good know speaker and see if you get sound.if you do the speakers are just bad
  1. Remove the cover from the trim panel.
  2. Remove the 2 retaining screws from the trim panel
  3. Remove the power window switch.
  4. Use the J 36796 in order to release the fasteners that retain the trim panel to the door.(or use a flat bladed screw driver to get behind the panel and door and pry out to pop the clips.they are push in stylegraphic
  5. Remove the trim panel from the door.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Sorry I'm not a mechanic, can you explain better how to remove the cover from trim panel, without me breaking something. Where are the retaining screws are those visible after the cover if off?


I don't have a J 36796 to release the clips. Also better details how to remove this.


Can you provide me a better view or link on the web where I can see better details on how to disassemble the door panels? It would probably eliminate the other questions.

there will be 2 screws looking at that picture i sent you they are under that little square plastic cover right in the area of where you put your hand to pull the door closed.pop that up with a thin blade screwdriver to access the screws.without that J tool once those screws are out using a beefier flat blade screw driver slide it in between the door plastic panel and the metal door its self then pull back on the screwdriver it will pull and release the clips holding the door panel to the door
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

If I check the speakers and they are working what is the next course of action?

if the speaker you try in there works then the stock speakers are bad.if even the good test speaker will not work then we will go with some more test routes.but 9 times out of 10 those speakers just go bad.would be a great time to upgrade and install some nice speakers!
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