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GMC Envoy XUV I have a 2004 GMC Envoy XUV, and am having a

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I have a 2004 GMC Envoy XUV, and am having a problem with the tailgate. At this point, the rear tailgate window is in the down position, but the tailgate will not open. The DIC is showing "See Manual-Tailgate", I can hear the rear window motor activating when the upper console control button is pressed in the open or closed position, but the window is not moving. I'm thinking a bad window regulator. I already removed the tailgate interior panel. Is there a way to manually open the tailgate? And once the tailgate is open, how do I get to the window regulator? Thanks...

Please include the year,make,model,sub-model,engine,2wd,4wd,flex,gas,diesel. Please click accept when done, thank you and come back often.


Would that be the same as a liftgate? I see a Emergency Release for Opening Liftgate on page 2-14 of your owners manual which I uploaded here, It says,

1. Remove the trim plug to expose the access hole in the trim panel. The access hole is located on the inside of the liftgate.
2. Use a tool to reach through the access hole in the trim panel.
3. Pry the left release lever up to the unlock position. Pry the right release lever up to unlatch the liftgate.
4. Reattach the trim plug.

Now, on getting to the window regulator, give me a few minutes on that but I did find a Endgate Window Learn Cycle, click here, that has to be performed anytime A service part has been installed in the vehicle, An endgate module has been swapped from one vehicle to another, Loss of battery while the window is moving, Any fault condition, DTC B3966, which causes the window to enter the window fault state or an Installation of a new window regulator into a vehicle.

I don't have any reference to the tailgate in the chilton manual, but there is a procedure for the window regulator assembly on power door locks, click here. Perhaps that along with some diagrams would help. The parts store is calling it either a Endgate or Midgate.





Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi heavy chevy 396,


Thanks for the quick reply. My vehicle is a 2004 GMC Envoy "XUV", 4.2L V6, 2wd, unleaded gas. I'm looking at my owner's manual right now, and on pg. 2-13 thru 15, they're calling it a tailgate. It can either be swung out or opened flat. It doesn't have a handle to pull to open, but instead has two electronic push- type releases near the center of the tailgate. One to swing open the tailgate, or the other to open the tailgate like a pick up truck.

It doesn't show or explain anything about an emergency release for the tailgate. I looked at the trim panel on the tailgate, and there's no trim plug or access hole.

I think on the Envoy and the Envoy XL, their gates lift upward when opening.

The part no. for the owner's manual that I have is X2441 A First Edition, if that's any help. If you can find it, at least you can see what I'm seeing.

As far as the rest of the info that you sent me, I'm sure I could use it. Please let me know what you find. Thanks!

I read this in Chilton, "WARNING
Important: The driver information center (DIC) will display the message See Manual - Tailgate anytime a learn is required except after the installation of a new regulator. When a module is not learned, or in a window fault state, only the window remains functional."

1.Activate the window up switch using the key cylinder or overhead console switch and maintain switch activation for 2 seconds after the window has stalled in the fully closed position.

Important: The window may be in any position to start the re-learn, but the up operation must be performed first.

2.Activate the window down switch and maintain switch activation for 2 seconds after the window has stalled in the fully open position.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Tried that already, but the window is not moving at all and is staying in the down position. The owner's manual stated the same procedure as what you found in the Chilton manual.

When I attempted that "learn" procedure, the window didn't move at all, but I could hear the motor running. With that, I'm thinking it's the window regulator, but to actually see and/or to repair the it, I think I need to have the tailgate opened flat. There's got to be a way to open that tailgate in situations like these. The schematics for the "endgate" that you sent helped. It gives me an idea of what's in there...thanks.


Here is a whole page of gates but I still don't see a tailgate.

Let me check these other manuals I have. BRB.

Nothing in those other manuals. Is that a dual function drop or swing tailgate? have you tried both ways to open it?

Try cleaning the optical sensors they talk about here.

"My sister lives in dusty New Mexico and had a malfunctioning XUV tailgate. My reasoning was that something must tell the tailgate not to drop down if the glass is up, and if it can't tell, then it will only open sideways.
So we removed the trim panel, and the tailgate was indeed full of dust. By reaching my arm in, I found two plastic optical sensors which tell the gate whether the glass is up or down; both were coated with dust. After cleaning these the tailgate was back to its normal operation. The two sensors are flat, round - about the size of a nickel or dime...I couldn't see them, just found them by guessing that they must be there. Hope this helps



I'm stuck to searching the web. I've read over 3 sites so far and noone yet has mentioned an emergency opening.

Check the problem someone found here.

"I fixed both switches on my 2004 XUV. If you unscrew them from the back and take the switch itself apart you will probably find some corrosion on the one wire inside. I cleaned it up and added a drop of solder to make the connection. Both switches had the same problem and now both work fine."



TaDa. Figures the answer came from this very website, I see someone here found the emergency release and he said it is a tailgate, also.

Its a little piece of metal on drivers side sticking out of a control box of some sort. It takes a good deal of force to release the latch.

See if it is here.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I'll check it out & get back with you ASAP!...Thanks!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hey bro, it worked! Got the tailgate open!...Sweet!

I don't know how all of this works with this website, but now I need to find out how to

remove and replace the window regulator. Yep, it's definitely the regulator. There's

a cable coming out of the reel that's all tangled up in knots. Looks like it broke and

tangled itself up when the motor was activated.

Do I need to pay to get more info concerning the remove & replace of this darn

regulator now? Let me know. In the meantime, thanks for all of your help. I

really appreciate it!

Pay whenever you want to, I will still be here no matter what. First of all have you found a new regulator yet?

I got like 4 spots I shop for dealer parts. I like because they have good diagrams, too. But sometimes is cheaper but no diagrams, then there is I like them cause they too have diagrams, plus they list the rpo codes. Once you find the part number it gets much easier, these sites have a search feature by part number. Plus, compnine if you click on the part number it shows you every vehicle the part fits. Plus, there is again no diagrams though.

Give me a few minutes and let me see who has the part and then I will look up any instructions on replacing it.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

No, haven't looked for the regulator yet. I know it's gonna cost a good chunk 'o change, but hopefully not too much.

Ok, I'm waiting to see what you found for that part and instructions...Thanks, bro!

Window regulator, envoy xuv



Body hardware - Tailgate - Window regulator

Window regulator



not available


I could not find a specific instruction for the tailgate window regulator, I am sure that it will be similar to the power window regulator instructions I already uploaded here. I know one thing if there any rivets just drill through the middle of them then take a hammer and chisel and chisel the head off.




Mike S. and other GM Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Ok, gonna check out these guys and see.

Thanks again for all of your help. I'll keep you informed of what happens, ok. Hopefully, everything goes well with this...Thanks, bro.

You are welcome. If you have to keep the window up once you get it up, use duct tape.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Will do...thanks again for everything! Chat with you again soon!
Thank you.

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