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2001 GMC: spare tire..owners manual..all the dealers or mechanics I

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How do I lower my spare tire in my 2001 GMC Sierra SLE pickup truck? I bought it used and there is no owners manual and all the dealers or mechanics I've gone to don't have a clue either. Help!
there should be a jack set up with the rods under/behind the passenger seat.there should be a colored plastic cover over it remove the cover and those things should be there.the rods slide threw the black ring opening passenger side of rear bumper.there should possibly be a black ring there so the bumper doest get slide those rods threw there and they will reach the spare tire hoist then turn to the left and it should start to lower the tire
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I don't have the proper tools to do what you say. I have gone to 4 GMC dealers and each one has said different things. I spent $ 119.00 today on two metal rods about 18" long each that fasten together. One of the rods has a flat curved end that some mechanics think goes into the guide tube, others think I need a socket attachment ($48.00) to engage the lowering mechanism. Do I in fact need the socket tool ( which 2 dealers say is only used on the 1 ton models)
you can use a wrench to put on the end that sticks end will slide into that hoist and you will feel it lock in then use a wrench on the other end and turn left to lower it.if there isn't a spot for the wrench look at the inside of the rod and it possibly will have a big slot of a big flat head get everything you need for the spare tire/jack ect... i would go to a salvage yard and im more than sure they have a complete set up for your truck.there should be 2 long rods.a ratchet style handle device to go over the end of the rods to lower it.a tire iron and a jack
best picture i havegraphic
if it has the plastic spare tire cover that is supposed to cover the jack ect.. behind the passenger seat flip the cover over it should show a tool list and how to change the spare tire..if you do not i feel you best bet to save allot of money is a junk yard they will sell you everything you need cheaper than buying new!
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I live in Metro Detroit. I went to 6 different auto salvage yards ( 4 hours of my time and $30.00 dollars in gas) and none of them had any jacks, parts, or a complete kit. If they're that damn popular then why isn't there any information available? I can watch a youtube video on how to just about anything except how lower my spare tire and what I need to do it. I took iot to a mechanic and he didn't know how to do it. Maybe I need to take it to my dealer.

I give up.

if you look at the under of that cover it shows all the tools.i would call the salvage yards in advance and ask them for what you are looking for.if they don't have it many junk yards work together with computers and most are able to locate
ok here is what you need i found it on e-bay
cut and paste this
and this is for the 1500 trucks
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
what does the end of the rod that engages with the lowering mechanism look like? Is it like the bent end of a screwdriver or some kind of socket type mechanism? When you say it locks in place, when I turn the rod counterclockwise, should the tire start lowering? Do I need to push the ron in any way?
you should feel that end grab or kinda lock into the hoist.the bent end screwdriver end from what i can remember stayed out towards your body.and if you look close at that jack set up for the 1500 trucks look at the handle of the end of the tire iron you will see a square hole in it that slips over the end of the rod for leverage to lower the hoist.the square end should go into the hoist
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