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Dave Nova
Dave Nova, GMC Technician
Category: GM
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Experience:  ASE Master Certification. GM World Class Certification
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2002 gmc envoy: passenger side mirror..key fob..correct ie seat

Resolved Question:

2002 gmc envoy the passenger side mirror does not stay programed. everytime you open door with key fob the passenger mirror adjust to a different position. All other memory functions remain correct ie seat, driver mirror, radio.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: GM
Expert:  Dave Nova replied 7 years ago.

This problem can be fixed by replacing the mirror actuator in the passenger side mirror. I have included below a technical service bulletin that has information on this repair and the parts needed.


Bulletin No.: 02-08-64-008

Date: April, 2002


Uncommanded Movement of Outside Rearview Mirrors
(Replace Mirror Actuator)


2002 Chevrolet and GMC S/T Utility Models (TrailBlazer, Envoy)
2002 Oldsmobile Bravada
with Memory Mirrors (RPO D25)



Some customers may comment that the outside rearview memory mirrors (RPO D25) may wander or may not go back to a previously set position. This condition may affect both mirrors or only the left or only the right mirror.


This condition may be caused by system interaction between the outside rearview mirror(s) and the Driver Door Module and/or the Passenger Door Module.


Replace the power mirror actuator(s) on the affected mirror(s) using the following procedure:

Caution : Approved safety glasses and gloves should be worn when performing this procedure to reduce the chance of personal injury.


Important : Under normal conditions, the electrochromic glass in the left outside rearview mirror would not be serviced as described in the Mirror Face Replacement procedure in the Service Manual (SI2000 Document ID # XXXXX). However, replacing the actuator requires the removal of the mirror glass assembly. The mirror glass should not break following the replacement procedure below but in the event the glass is broken or damaged, the RH glass, P/N 88937195 and/or the LH electrochromic glass, P/N 88494480 may be ordered separately. Replacement of the entire mirror assembly is not required.


1.Manually tilt the top edge of the left mirror glass away from the mirror housing in order to gain access to the upper mirror glass retaining tab. Carefully release the upper glass retaining tab (1) using a flat-bladed tool while simultaneously tilting the mirror glass away from the mirror housing. Refer to the illustration above.


2.Partially remove the mirror glass from the mirror housing.


3.Disconnect the two mirror heater wires (2) from the mirror glass while holding down the terminals on the glass. The terminals may pull off the mirror glass it they are not held in place. Unclip the electrochromic mirror wire harness connector (3) from the back of the mirror glass and disconnect it. Refer to the illustration above.


4.Remove the mirror glass from the mirror assembly.


5.Remove the three mirror actuator retaining screws (4) using a size Ti 0 TORX® driver. Refer to the illustration above for locations.


6.Remove the actuator assembly from the mirror housing.


7.Disconnect the two electrical connectors from the mirror actuator.


8.Remove the mirror actuator from the mirror assembly.


9.Connect the two electrical connectors to the new mirror actuator.


10.Install the actuator into the mirror housing using the three T10 TORX(R) head retaining screws.


11.Connect the mirror heater and electrochromic mirror glass connectors to the mirror. Use a new mirror glass if the original one was damaged or broken during the removal procedure. Clip the electrochromic harness connector to the back of the mirror glass and route the mirror wires as shown in the illustration above.


12.Install the mirror glass into the mirror housing by pushing the mirror glass onto the mirror actuator, ensuring that all the retaining tabs are fully seated.


13.Repeat this replacement procedure if the mirror actuator is being replaced on the right side of the vehicle.


14.Verify proper operation of both mirror assemblies.


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