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GMC: ton..automatic transmission..4th gear or down shifts..slipping

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Hello, I have a 98 3/4 ton GMC with the 4L60-E automatic transmission. Sometimes (half the time) it shifts hard into 4th gear or down shifts hard into 3rd. It sort of feels like it is slipping when it does happen. If I am accelerating hard it doesn't happen at all. It only happens when I am accelerating normally up to highway speed. I've had the tranny fluid flushed and replaced and have added a tranny suplement to no avail. Any suggestions? Could it be a shift solenoid? Is it severe?
more than likley when you accelerate hard there is enough fluid preasure to over come a ripped ,torn seal,and possibly the 3-4 clutches are worn out..i would highly recomend that it be removed and gone is more than fixable right now..the more you drive it the more damage can be done
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

This would not be due to the shift solenoids then? I do have 157,000 miles on the truck. What sort of work does it require to go throught the 3-4 clutch? I'm in Alaska and people REALLY like to charge big money for any transmission work. Just looking for a little more clarity on the whole idea of the transmission.




if it was a shift solnoid it would affect more than one gear..for any 3-4 clutch work the trans needs to be removed and dissasembled