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1998 olds intrigue: rod..L..I have tried to pry the assembly

Resolved Question:

I have a 1998 olds intrigue with a sun visor problem (keeps falling down) that I may be able to repair if I can get it off of the ceiling (or replace if not). The rod that supports the visor takes an upward L turn into the ceiling and a somewhat round assembly that holds it. I have tried to pry the assembly apart and turn it (there is a small slot in the piece that the rod goes into) but cannot get anything to move. Is there a special tool to use or an I just not trying the right approach??

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: GM
Expert:  Scott K replied 8 years ago.

Below are the instructions for SunShade removal.


The sunshades can be equipped with an illuminated vanity mirror. The illuminated vanity mirror is not serviced as a separate unit.

  1. Fold the sunshade so the bottom edge is pointing straight down.
  2. Unsnap the sunshade from the retainer and position the sunshade just behind the sunshade retainer (between the retainer and windshield).

  3. Object Number: 325271  Size: SH

  4. Using a flat-bladed tool, insert the tool into the slot on the sunshade retainer shaft.
  5. Holding the flat-bladed tool stationary, slowly rotate the sunshade, about four (4) inches towards the rear of the vehicle while gently pulling downward.
  6. Push upward on the free end of the sunshade assembly and continue to rotate towards the side glass for the remainder of the travel.
  7. Pull down on the sunshade to release it from the sunshade bezel on the headliner.
  8. Disconnect the electric connector if equipped.
  9. Remove the sunshade from the vehicle.

  10. Object Number: 166635  Size: SH

  11. Remove the sunshade retainer bezel, by inserting a small flat-bladed tool into the slots and moving the locking tab inward.

  12. Object Number: 166627  Size: SH

  13. Remove the sunshade retainer bezel from the headliner.

Installation Procedure

    Object Number: 166627  Size: SH

  1. Install the sunshade retainer bezel to the headliner, pressing into place until fully seated.
  2. Position the sunshade in the vehicle.
  3. Connect the electric connector if equipped.

  4. Object Number: 325275  Size: SH

  5. Align the arrow (2) on the top side of the sunshade retainer (3) until it is pointing parallel with the top edge of the sunshade (1).

  6. Object Number: 325271  Size: SH

  7. To install the sunshade, align the triangular portions of the sunshade and bezel then push upwards and rotate the sunshade toward the windshield.
  8. A slight click will be heard once the retainer shaft seats into the bezel.

  9. Lock the sunshade into the retainer bracket.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks for the quick response unfortunatley I cracked the plastic as it would not move as instructed,..but think I can glue and get by.