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no forward or reverse gears..pressure gauge connected..neutral

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I have a 4L60E transmission with no forward or reverse gears. I have a pressure gauge connected to the Port just above the neutral start switch. I read no pressure at all. How can I determine if I have a bad pump or a bad torch converter.
Your torque converter may possibly be fine but the pump is likely bad because regardless of whether the torque converter is sending out pressurized fluid or not the pump should be running whether or not the torque converter is running. The splines on the shaft to the pump could be worn out but I doubt it. From there you will have to inspect the torque converter to see if it is bad. A sure sign the torque converter is bad is if the fluid is very burnt. Please reply if you have any questions, thanks.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Before I pull the trans it would be good to know where the problem lies. I already knew the torque converter turns the pump. Is it likely the pump is turning an has no output. Do new converters go bad in 1000 miles.
HelloCustomer torque converters only go bad that quickly if there was not enough fluid in the system usually or if the solenoid doesn't lock it up because it overheats at high speeds. The pump always turns no matter what as long as the engine is running therefore it is not having any output.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you for giving me your time. I consider your answer to be somewhat generic. I already knew what you told me. The fluid is only 1000 miles old good color and smell. On the surface zero output from the pump should mean a bad pump. Or the gauge is not in the correct spot or the converter is not turning the pump. I would have expected to hear more of your experience in your answer. I will accept and pay for tour time.