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EULawyer, Lawyer
Category: German Law
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Experience:  Titular Attorney (Avocat) at Ioan-Luca Vlad Law Office
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I need a consultation considering asylum in Germany answered

Customer Question

I need a consultation considering asylum in Germany answered by a German lawyer please!
I am a Syrian citizen and I have a residency in Kuwait city. I am married to a Kuwaiti citizen. My whole family still live in Syria and I couldn't bring them to Kuwait because gcc countries do not accept Syrians or give them residencies .
My mom is sick and she is living with my 3 sisters ( one of them is a minor) . My father died a year and a half ago when our village was attacked by rockets.So now they don't have a male support in the war.
My city Lattakia is a very dangerous place to live in .There are car bombs and rockets and ISIS on the boarder with Turkey which my village is close by. So I came here on a tourist visa so I can get asylum and could later bring my family.
My question is: will my residency in Kuwait affect my case?!
Many people told me not to give my passport because they will see my residency in Kuwait and won't grant me asylum.they told me just to show my Syrian ID .
When they research will they find out that I have a residency in Kuwait if I didn't give them my passport?!
I need to get a residency here as soon as possible because my mother needs help and I am lost and don't know what to do.
Please tell me how much is the consultation and when can you reply with answers.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: German Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
They will ask me questions like: how did you get here? By plane or by land?I need an advise so I can build a strong case please.
Expert:  EULawyer replied 1 year ago.

Dear Customer,

I am sorry to say that, as far as I know, we do not have German immigration attorneys on our roster. Furthermore, JustAnswer is not a legal service where you can hire attorneys for legal advice, just a place where you can find general legal information (it does not create an attorney-client relationship).

As such, I can only reply to one of your questions, namely that yes, residency in Kuwait can affect your case in Germany.

Asylum is based on the idea of danger and need. If there is any other country which accepts you then your chances to obtain asylum diminish, because asylum is only granted to those whose countries do not accept them, or if they have a strong reason of fear, against living in the country which accepts them. Kuwait, in general, is considered a safe country from this point of view.

I cannot advise you not to show your Kuwait residency, because it can be found out by the authorities anyway. In fact, internationally, authorities communicate with each other and exchange information regarding refugees. Therefore, it is best to be truthful about your circumstances.

Given that I cannot provide legal advice for your situation, you may leave this question like this and your money will not be charged. However, if you feel my answer was useful, please rate it.


Dr I L Vlad

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