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My elderly mother in law in germany may require care in a full

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My elderly mother in law in germany may require care in a full care nursing home which will cost more than her monthly pension. Her limited savings will be quickly exhausted.

Her only surviving child is her daughter who is German citizen, married and living with me in Belgium for 40 years. In addition she has 3 adult grandchildren living in Germany from my wife's deceased brother.

Please advise the German law regarding the obligation of my wife (and possibly, myself) to provide financial support to cover the costs of care for her mother?

Thanks in advance,

Charles Roess
Dear Customer,

thnak you so much for using Just Answer.

In Germany children are lagally obliged to support their parents as parents are lagally obliged to support their children.

According to German Law ypur wife has to have 1600 Euro after taxes to herself plus 45% of the income exceeding 1600 Euros

The spouse has to have 1280 Euro income for himself.

Only the income that exceeds the sum of both incomes can be taken to provide financial support
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX is only the level of monthly income that is determinate.

The amount of savings and the fact that we have a secondary residence in addition to our primary residence, would not influence the amount of support we would be required to pay?

Thanks again, Charles Roess
Dear Customer,

no alas that is not so.

The home that you are living in cannot be touched.

It is privileged

The case may be different with the second home if it belongs to your wife or belongs to you both.

If your income is not sufficient the Sozialamr may demand that it is sold.

However this is handled differently by every Sozialamt

So you may be alright

legal eagle and other German Law Specialists are ready to help you

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