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Ich bin registrierte Psychologin in England und arbeite als

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Ich bin registrierte Psychologin in England und arbeite als Psychotherapeut in Irland. Der Beruf von psychologen ist noch nicht in Irland regelmentiert und da ich in England studiert habe ist meine Registrierung da. Ich habe ein Doktorate in psychologie und have verschiedene Kurse and der Uni gemacht in Psychologie bevor mein Doktorate. Ich habe ein Conversion kurs in Psychologie gemacht damit ich genug Psychologie im Grundstudium hatte und alles ist akzeptiert in Manchester Uni.
Die Behoerden in Deutschland, ZAB, wollen sagen da in kein Bachelor degree in Psychologie habe, bin ich kein Studium. Ich habe 8 Jahren Psychologie und ein Doktorate in Klinisches psychologie. Ist das richtig.



obviously the ZAB will first try to look for a bachelor if it does exist in both countries.

You should file a Widerspruch (only 1 month of time after the notice of the ZAB that they will not recognize your title).


Make clear why in your case you have no bachelor (or it was not available) and why your studies (see contents of your courses) are equal or better than a bachelor degree.


It's a pity, but it is pretty normal that cases which are not 100% in their lists of titles (for example Anabis) the recognition is refused. My experience is that filing a Widerpruch often changes the situation and it is not necessary to proceed to court.


Make sure to provide proof of the content of the courses and give exact details about your practical experience in Ireland. The latter cannot be omitted when judging your qualification.


If you have access in Ireland to work in your job, you also should be able to do so in Germany. There a very few exception (see f.e. lawyers) and even in these cases recognition is often possible when insisting.


Good luck and regards.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

HI ,


I received a good reply from you in very quick time which was great. however, I wanted to ask one more question on the same topic but could not figure out if I had to pay 38euros per question. If I am allowed ask another question, just one I would be very grateful. however, I will not ask it until Thur as I am abroad and do not have my Anhoerungsschreiben with me.

No problem, just ask.


You won't have to pay again if it's on the same topic.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.



can you tell me what this means? I found my Anhoerungsschreiben here in my bag

It is all very vague on the Anhoerungsschreiben document.

EU Nr. L 255 S. 22, 2007 Nr. L 271 S. 18.

They say in Germany there is a state exam for psychotherapists, which is true. In Ireland and England there is no state exam as psychotherapists are not regulated (yet). There was no state exam in Pychotherapy before Jan 1st 2009 either when it was then regulated.

As I do not have a state exam but an exam for a Diploma in Psychotherapy from private institutions, accredited by professional organisations does that mean I can never work in Germany in my profession.

They are trying to say I do not have a 'primary degree' but did not specify in which subject. Of course this is in psychology but not in Ireland. You can have a BA in any subject- first before studying Psychotherapy. I have one in history for example. But they took, (and said they did this) information from a website in Ireland but only looked at the term 'primary degree' and did not look at the next page which said in any subject. They have not come out and said I do not have a grundstudium in Psychologie ( I do-- but not a BA- I have a conversion diploma and then a doctorate). I cannot understand why they will not say it outright but keep quoting the eu NUMBERS I just supplied above. Thanks and regards

Simple answer:


By quoting the EU directive they hope you will accept their arguments without referring to your specific situation and having to deal with it.


Try to give as much detail about your courses as possible.

When there is already a decision (not only "Anhörung"), you can give details in an extra letter after in order to maintain the deadline of 1 months just by filing the Widerspruch (without any details).


Please don't forget to rate my answer. Without (at leas neutral) rating I don't receive any compensation at all.



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