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If one is considering opening up one of the following 5

Customer Question

If one is considering opening up one of the following 5 kinds of businesses, what is the order of businesses that would require the least quantity of money to open up and start to the most quantity of money to open up and start? My guess would be this order: 1. Small nursery and landscaping business 2. Bakery or cake and donut shop 3. Restaurant 4. Western Apparel Store 5. Pub (I don't know yet if I would want the pub to be a bar/saloon only or a restaurant and watering hole together or a small hotel with 29 or 30 rooms with a restaurant and a bar/lounge/saloon all together) Is my guess correct? Thank you.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: General
Expert:  William Purpura replied 9 months ago.

You missing far to much data to provide clear answer here because the unknown is the foot print of space you expect to need for each business type and where it will located at. For example, a small nursery would normally take a LOT more room than a bakery/donut shop. Now if you plan to run this out of your own home and have a lot of existing land already available this could be the lowest cost. If you need brick and mortar location to run the business out of it will be significantly larger and thus more expensive up front than a donut shop. Next factor in where these two would actually be located, It is possible you could open a small Nursery in Mississippi for close to the cost of a bakery in downtown Manhattan. The bot***** *****ne here is without knowing the facility requirements, fees/licenses, and other costs for the specific locations you want to establish each business it is impossible to compare them. For example, a restaurant on rodeo drive in Beverly Hills would be MUCH more expensive than a Western wear store in a strip mall in a small town in New Mexico. Basically, it all boils down to location & foot print being the biggest drivers followed by initial set up & inventor cost to commence business