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what are some of the better e-cigerrettes out there. I want

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what are some of the better e-cigerrettes out there. I want to buy one for a friend. I don't think he is addicted to the nicotine because sometimes he does not smoke for a week or 2 weeks. but when others smoke or when we drink beers, he tends to smoke like a chimney. so I figure if I got him an e-cigerrette, it will help him and help all of us as well.
Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be happy to assist you.

I actually have been using e-cigarettes for a few months now. It has been the first product that has gotten me off smoking for this long in over 20 years.

I think you are right and an e-cig would help him get off the the real ones. There is a lot of trial and error involved with choosing e-cigs so I am going to answer this with my personal experience.

The e-vigs that look like the real thing tend to not be as fulfilling as the bigger ones that do not look as much like the real thing but are much more enjoyable.

You can get him a disposable type to try it out if you do not want to make a big investment as these can be expensive. Here are a couple of good disposables but I am not positive if you can get these same ones if your area.

Here is the blu cig

These usually run about $8 each. They claim to be the equivalent of 2 packs of real cigarettes but that is not really true. One of these would last me about 8 hours of heavy use. Heavy use meaning puffing it every couple of minutes.

Another decent disposable is , same thing with the blu.

If he is really serious about not smoking and if you are feeling very generous you could get him something more high end and refillable.

This is a great kit if you're going for an e-cig that looks and feels like the real thing:

The problem is these run out pretty quickly so you need to change cartridges if you use it a lot so if that is an issue you would want something bigger like this

These require you to purchase e-liquid to fill the tanks. This is actually really good especially if he is not addicted to nicotine because you do have the ability to order nicotine free eliquid. I don't know of any disposables that have that option.

Since he is a light smoker and only smokes when drinking I think an e-cig would be a great idea. There are so many flavors to choose from I am sure he can find one that goes great with beer. Also it would not bother the people around him.

In your case since I cannot imagine you would want to spend a lot of money up front, pick up one of the disposables I mentioned and give it to him to try next time you have beers. If he likes it tell him the information I told you above and he can make the next steps to getting something better. Also is a great resource for e-cig reviews as well if he needs more guidance.

Thank you,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok. so my 2 choices are disposal e-cigs and refills:


re disposable, if he only smokes a few puffs at a time, I guess he can put the cig back into its case and until the next day or something. will it go stale or evaporate after a certain number of days. or can it still be usable after a week or so (sometimes he does not smoke for over a week)


re refill

it seems cheaper than the disposables. for Jet Black Triton Tank Kit

but after that, I guess I will have to get him refills, which costs about $6 each. how long does a refill last? and are there other parts I have to buy besides the above costs?


What I recommended above are good for people just starting out.

I would say get him a disposable if you do not want to spend a lot of money. He can use it as he wants and just put it in his pocket and use it again later. He doesn't have to use it everyday and it is will still work. It shouldn't go stale or anything.

I have had some disposables that sat around for weeks and I used them no problem. They are basically good until the liquid inside runs out. Probably around 200 puffs give or take depending on how deep a puff he takes.

With the refillable like I linked you above you buy cartridges, a pack of 5 is $10

Each cartridge equals roughly 1 disposable so these are absolutely cheaper than the disposables.

When you go with a tank system like I showed you above you buy the eliquid and fill the tank yourself. This is more intermediate and I would not suggest you go that route for him. If he finds he likes e-cigs then that is what I would recommend for the upgrade.

So in conclusion each cartridge is about the same as 1 disposable, it is way more cost effective in the long run.

The triton tank system is excellent but a beginner may find filling the tanks a pain and not want to bother. You can get eliquid from many places and for very cheap. I buy most of my eliquid from here:

They have a large selection of different flavors and you can get a 30ML bottle for about $7.50 . 30 ML would last him if he only uses it every couple of weeks a very long time. The triton tanks hold 2.4ML of eliquid and that amount would last him using it for probably 1 beer drinking night depending on how much he puffs it. If I go out to the pub for the night I bring a full triton tank and have never run out.

Also the triton battery will last much longer than the G6 as it is a lot bigger. The G6 would probably need to be charged every couple of hours of use while the triton you can get 5+ hours of heavy use before it needs recharging.

I can't really give you exact numbers because a lot of this depends on his personal preference such as how much he puffs it , how long his puffs are etc...

All that said, get him a quality disposable first just to get him interested in the idea so he can see how good it is. Then go from there. Some people just don't like e-cigs or he may really not want to give up real ones so no reason you should spend a lot of money up front.

Many people give their friends disposables to get them to think about switching over. It is a good gateway into the world of e-cigs.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

cool. thanks.

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