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Khristopher N. Sines AACJ, BSHS/M, MS/P
Khristopher N. Sines AACJ, BSHS/M, MS/P, Consultant
Category: General
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Have a backyard that has doves, quail, and a bunny. But the

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Have a backyard that has doves, quail, and a bunny.
But the neighbor has a cat, and it climbs over the fence and it is not good for the quails etc.
Should we use some spray on the fence, or what?

Khristopher N. Sines AACJ :

Hello there and welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am very happy to help you with your question.

Khristopher N. Sines AACJ :

Petsmart makes a wonder deterrent for the feline species.

Here is a link to the device:

Khristopher N. Sines AACJ :

Many home owners also put in motion activated sprinklers to keep cats out of the yard.

Khristopher N. Sines AACJ :

Depending on nesting area's, you could put a wide piece of aluminum or any slippery surface around tree's so the cat will not be able to climb up.

Khristopher N. Sines AACJ :

Plants that are natural repellents to cats include Coleus canina, commonly known as the "scaredy cat plant". Also, lavender, rue, and pennyroyal deter cats.

Khristopher N. Sines AACJ :

I hope this is helpful. If you have more follow up questions please let me know. It is never a problem. I will go above and beyond to make sure you are 100% satisfied! Please don’t forget to rate my answer as good or above so I get credit. Thank you!

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