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As you can see on this picture, a rap artist called Young

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As you can see on this picture, a rap artist called 'Young Buck' has customized sunglasses, and manufacturer is unknown to me.

Where can I Purchase customized sunglases as THIS kind of model?

Where I can put my logo on the glasses, etc.


Welcome to our site and thanks for your question. My name isXXXXX and I will do whatever I can to help you.


Do you have a better picture from the side so we can see the style of the sunglasses? Several companies will allow etched lenses, either from their stock of art, or you can design anything you want.





Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Unfortunetly, it was the only picture I found.



That is a shame. Not being able to see what the sunglasses look like on the side makes finding the exact model impossible since we don't know what to look for. From the basic shape and materials, they appear to be RayBans.


Oakley was at the forefront of etched lenses, but they are definitely not from Oakley's current range. Since we don't know when the picture was taken, they could be from any older range though. Here is the current range of Oakley styles for which etching is available:



Any competent optical shop can order the etched lenses for you. Most will have some stock patterns, both graphic and text, as well as allowing you to design your own. In this particular case the design looks like the initial "Y" superimposed over "B" in block lettering. I had to look closely to realize it wasn't the New York Mets Logo:





Here is a link to the styles of etching routinely offered by Oakley, but you can find others are large custom eyewear dealers.


I'm sorry the picture is so poor that we can't determine exactly what model and brand the glasses are. However, they are a simple shape that you will likely find at any optical store. Any kind of lenses can be put in the frames once you have them in a size that fits your face and dimensions.



best regards,







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