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Is it possible or likely that I am a reincarnated Buddha? From

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Is it possible or likely that I am a reincarnated Buddha? From my youth onward, I disdained alcohol and drugs when most everyone around me was using them. From 17 on, I also mostly had a lot of respect for sex and knew it was something that held sacred value.

I also have had a lot of compassion, maybe too much. I remember being 11 and praying for people who did not need praying for at all, but I felt sorry for them. I hated seeing people fail at something where they tried to succeed.

I know Buddhism teaches that reincarnation occurs, and I would say I believe that. Is it possible I carried these traits from a young age because in a past life I was a Buddhist??

I don't want to make it sound like I was a saint, because I did a lot of bad and foolish things, but on the issues of alcohol, drugs and (to a large degree, but not totally) respect for sex, I was largely immovable. And the compassion thing, too.

WHat do you think?

Florian_Berkley :

Hi, thank you for this question. I try to asnwer it :)

Florian_Berkley :

On reincarnation: I believe as well that reincarnation is possible, may be it is even explicable with the DNA we carry, like we carry the memory and the consciousness of our ancestors. According to the teachtings of buddhists though, you can't be the reincarnation of the Buddha (which just means Enlightened Person), as he went over to Nirvana, a state of concsiousness/soul, after you reach this state, you soul breaks the circles of reincarnation as it learned everything needed and purified itself from all suffering and pain.

Florian_Berkley :

I believe also there was the one Buddha, with whom the teachings of buddhists begin, but there were /are many other Buddhas. Enlightened people who have a special aura and feel love and compassion and serve all living beings.

Florian_Berkley :

It might be that you are born with already high level of concsiousness (you respected your own body and felt compassion to others and so on). It doesn't mean necessarily for me you were a buddhist in your past life, because there were and are Buddhas/Enlightened Persons in all countries/cultures (Saints, Mother Teresa, etc,etc) who felt so much compassion and love to the world that they dedicated their whole life and served the others.

Florian_Berkley :

In my opinion: keep up your spirit of compassion and let your heart grow it like a tree, that it can grow strong and big. Everyone has done foolish things and little and big mistakes, as well those who were Saints in the end.

Florian_Berkley :

The biggest joy anyone can feel in life is to serve the others and than to yourself:). P.S.: There is one great book by Hermann Hesse, "Siddhartha" - one of best books ever written about Buddha. In case you want more inspiration.

Florian_Berkley :

Good day/night!

Thank you for requesting me, I appreciate it very much.


Strictly speaking, the title, "Buddha" means, enlightened one and has been given to many different figures throughout history by different sects of Buddhism. I suspect you are referring to the most commonly known, Siddhārtha Gautama, who founded the most commonly known form of Buddhism in the western world today.

From what you describe, you are an enlightened one, which is considered to be a journey, and not a destination throughout your life. Sidhartha Gautema, as he was named before he became "Buddha," was born to a noble family in India, and lived a life full of riches and excess, while the common people beyond the walls of the palace were sick, starving and suffering.

One might say that (based on some social judgementalism) he was a, "sinner" indulging in drink, smoke, and sex while others suffered. But he was unaware of that suffering until one day when he went beyond the walls of his comfortable palace and his eyes were opened up to the suffering. This is when he began the path of becoming "enlightened".

Don't be too quick to judge yourself for your behaviors when you were younger. In many ways you were like the Buddha, before his eyes were opened. You were indulging in behaviors that some would call "bad". Now your eyes are opened and you're on the path. The law of karma even requires, that to have light, there must be darkness. To have goodness, there must be evil. To be enlightened, there must have been a period of "blindness".

Be gentle with yourself about your past Remember that people are not their behaviors. We are all inheritinatly a spark of the divine. We are good people who waver between "good" behavior, and "bad" behavior. But we're still "good".

Even if you are not a direct decendant in blood or karma by way of reincarnation, your journey is mirroring that of the Buddha's. :) How cool is that? :)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for that answer. My initial question was actually a typo. It should have said, "Am I a reincarnated Buddhist?"

Anything is possible at all. There is no 100% sure way to know what you were in a past life. You could find a learned past life regressionist who could hypnotise you and take you back through past memories to see what your past lives may have been.

But let me just put it this way, in Buddhist belief, it is not necessary for one to have been a Buddhist in a past life, to acheive extraordinary enlightenment in this life. The Buddhists doctrine does teach a beliefe in past lives, but put all their attention and focus on this current life time.

I hope this helps to answer your question :) If not, please let me know :)
pdheslin, Consultant
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 2635
Experience: 20+ years of internet site creation and search engine optimization. Dozens of search tools at my disposal.
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