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First is about fate versus free will. Is my future preordained?

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First is about fate versus free will. Is my future preordained? Does that mean there is no free will and I have no control over my future?

Second, I would to know about past lives. That means my soul has been reborn into another being or persona over time. I always dream of my family and friends who have passed. How does that reconcile? When do their souls get reborn? Or do they cease to exist as they were and morph into a new being? Will I see them again?
Hello. I see nobody answered yet so i will take those very hard questions.

First, free will. If that was so easy to answer, the wikipedia article about it would not be so big:

You have control over your future. You can see that by comparing to others. Some stopped smoking, some not. The problem is where do you start as a person and where you you end. The stimuli and the information around you is part of yourself. A website that you follow for some years is in some way one of your sense even if not made from flesh. Thinking about all this is like going down the rabbit hole (Alice in wonderland), everything can happen and be discovered. If everything is preordained it would be something a bit like what David Bohm's proposed: that the universe would just be a giant hologram.
It would not give you any definitive answer but you might be interested by the book "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot:

As we don't know for sure if destiny or choice is the norm, we need to apply the precautionary principle: and assume that choice exist.

For your second question, again nobody really know. I personally think that those things really exist for those believing them and don't exist for those that don't believe them. That is because if we have free will and we decide that we are more than just an individual, we become "oneness" as in many eastern religion and at that point we can mold the universe like we want.

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