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Hi. My girlfriend is trying to lose weight.

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Hi. My girlfriend is trying to lose weight. SHe has been taking the old formula of the oxyelite pro. So she takes 1 pill in the morning on empty stomach and then does about an hour on an exercise bike.
After that she had a shake by Forever Living.
I told her to eat every three hours to keep her metabolism going.
What tips could you give me so she can lose more and more weight?
Maybe another supplement to combine with this? Eating tips?
I also suggested her join my me in my Krav Maga classes in the evening. It has intensive drills combined with pauses. Is it also a good way to go?


My name isXXXXX am a physiologist and have over a decade of human performance experience including sports nutrition, physique competition training as well as various sports performance.

I posted this as an answer and meant to send as an information request, please don't rate it until I send the information relevant to your question. Can you tell me how long your girlfriend has been at this weightloss goal and what she was doing prior?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Mike.

It's been about 3 weeks and prior to this she wasnt working out andwas eating processed food and everything else she felf like eating. She didnt follow any diet.

Heres the deal with weightloss:

Supplements make a very very minimal difference - this is documented in non-marketed studies(within universities etc). The supplement companies want you to think otherwise. They can help, but physiques are made "in the kitchen" meaning diet literally plays 80+ percent. The stimulant supplements can help with energy levels when calories are really low and energy is low. This is for extreme situations where they would help by psychologically they can assist, which is fine.

Interval cardio on some days of the week, combined with steady state cardio for some easy workouts are proven as the best forms to maximize caloric expenditure. We know this because to this day, all physique and bodybuilding competitors use this as a way to maximize fatloss, spare lean muscle and eat as many calories as possible. So this can be on the bike, but also if she enjoys running or eliptical or whatever she enjoys.

So the calories part works as follows. If you eat a slight surplus you gain weight slowly, if you eat exactly what your body needs you maintain weight(assuming no chance in activity status). Eat a slight deficit, the body loses weight slowly. Now most people take this way too far and cut massive amounts of calories to a point where the body eventually "sees" this and in a couple of weeks, progress with all weightloss slows.

The trick is figuring out your caloric needs for the day, and subtracting maybe 200 to 300, maybe up to 500. This can be eating less, training more or a combo of both. Why? Because when it comes time to subtract a bit more calories, you want the body to still be able to respond, not completely go into "limp" or "starvation mode". Basically she wants to lose weight on as many calories as possible, if this makes sense. This way as the body reaches its new "maintenance" level a bit more can be cut out and progress continues - ALSO this is key because mentally its hard to do drastic diets, so being able to eat healthy amounts of foods and still feel energetic is KEY to progress.

The best way to do this would be using MyFitnessPal, which is a free program and app on smart phones, it has a HUGE food database with caloric breakdown and she can just track it as she goes. It also has templates set up for weight gain, maintenance and loss based on her age, height, weight etc.. Its a life saver for anyone who wants to be healthy.

As far as "eating tips" lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, complex carbohydrates will give her(and you) sustained energy while sparing lean muscle and fueling her workouts. Typically supplements for "fat loss" are added at the end, because of the stimulant kick, if someone is on lower than usual calories(as we talked about) it can provide more energy. Fortunately because the human was built over thousands of years, there isn't a magic formula - which is great because its easier.

Krav classes would be fine provided she is gradually introduced to them. Too much activity too soon can burn people out, however this may not apply if she is already in great shape.

Let me know if this helps and if you understand all this information. Have a good day.
I forgot to mention or at least make it clear enough.

So basically to maximize her results from the Oxyelite, I would encourage her to add it in later in the weight loss program or to use it as needed as we know clinicially that weight loss is maximized by diet, "in the kitchen" so to speak. The stimulants in the oxyelite can provide the boost on a tired day or if it gets a little taxing.

As long as she gets a calorie count and just uses the myfitnesspal app, she will be in great shape in no time at all. Its not hard or tricky, just requires sticking to it for a couple of weeks and not "guessing" what shes eating calorie wise. The beauty of the human body is as long as you dont go crazy on it, it will respond to anything.

Any other questions just let me know. :)
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks Mike for the helpful tips!


One problem that I encounter is finding practical food/ meals available that are also good for losing weight/ gaining muscle.

Do you have suggestions? Like bodybuilding easy to prepare meals

Of course. I completely understand this first hand.

You both may want to consider a protein powder to help get your lean protein needs met. I myself try to cook food in larger quantities and actually make leftovers a couple times a week because right now I just don't have the time to cook meals all the time. For me, protein powders and meal replacement powders/bars make up 50ish percent of my protein intake. Obviously I personally would prefer more, but I take what I can get.

The other thing is I don't really "live to eat" though I do love food, I "eat to live" so my meals are often somewhat strangely put together. Like for example I may eat some cereal, with a piece of leftover steak and have a couple tablespoons of peanut butter for dessert - that kind of weird. :) Biggest thing is getting your macro nutrient needs met(protein, carb and fat) and meeting your caloric requirements.

SAN makes a great protein, Giant Sports and Dymatize make really good quality protein products. Awesome stuff.

For quality carb - instant oatmeal, pasta can keep for a couple days, granola, whole grain breads, fruits are natures "serving sized" carb, veggies all day every day is a good start. Pastas and whole grain pastas(which are FINE, despite what magazines all say) cook pretty easily. They also make rices that are prebagged and you basically just microwave them.

For your quality fats stick to nuts and nut butters and then if you like olive oil on your salad and cooking with coconut oil.

I tend to make large batches of rice and pasta, keep fruit and veggies always on hand, and then cook large amounts of chicken and steak, freeze if needed when cooked, then just mic them. Also like I said, I utilize protein powders alot more than I would like to, but they get the job done.