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Did Soc.Security authorize a man to call me today? He told

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Did Soc.Security authorize a man to call me today? He told me soc. Security had trouble serving my acct. due to address problems,name problems.

Hello there.


Absolutely NOT. Whomever telephoned you to ask this type of information is a fraudster who is trying to get your personal information from you -- correct name, address, social security number and probably date of birth and anything else of a personal nature that they can get from you in order to try to commit identity theft on you and/or try to divert your social security funds to a different account. The U.S. Social Security Administration will never call any person out of the blue and request personal information to be given over the telephone -- if the SSA needs to speak with you, they will send you a letter and ask YOU to telephone them. You should contact the SSA's fraud reporting offices at the Inspector General's office at 1-800-269-0271 between 8 am and 4 pm Eastern Time Monday thru Friday. Here is a link to their website also in case you want to report the matter online -- You should also contact your local police department tomorrow morning and ask to speak to a detective who handles identity theft issues -- they can set a trap on your telephone line and if this person calls back then they may be able to catch him at it. If you actually gave out the social security number in the telephone call today, then you should also review your credit history with the three major credit reporting bureaus and ask them to put what is called a "fraud watch" on your name and social security number -- this service is free and they will notify you immediately at a telephone number you give to them if or when someone tries to open a credit account using your social security number -- they will ask if the person seeking the credit account is really you and that is how any potential identity thieves will be stopped and caught -- The three major credit bureaus are Experian, Equifax and Trans Union -- Here is one website that gives you the telephone numbers and contact information of all three of these credit agencies and explains to you how to get a credit report for free once a year from each of them and how to report potential identity theft to them:


I wish I could tell you that this is nothing to worry about -- but I cannot. You should contact SSA, the police and the credit agencies first thing tomorrow morning to try to stop anything that might already have been started by the fraudulent person who telephoned you today. And there is never any reason to give this information in a call to you -- Social Security, the IRS and all government pension agencies do not work like that and only request such information if you initiate the telephone call (when you call them).


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