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Joan, Internet Researcher
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For joan! Hi Joan. How are you? I would like to ask you another

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For joan!
Hi Joan. How are you?
I would like to ask you another question.
Id like to know the cheapest way to have cable TV and wifi together in my apartment. As far as cable I just need basic channels and movie channels would be great also. Internet - just basic.. it doesn't have to be super fast. My zip code is 11102.
I wonder if you know alternative companies thst would charge little or maybe fot the cable online cable tvs.
thanks a lot one more time.


Thank-you for requestiing me. There are several companies that offer bundles which are the best way to go. These companies are all very competative and try to outdo the others. These are the ones I have found:

ATT U-Verse :



Time Warner:

Century Link:

Comcast Infinity:


Sometimes you they will ask you to take a contract for a year or two, to get the best price. The key to getting the best price is to bundle the Internet and TV together. What I would do is contact each of these companies and once you find the one that seems to fit your needs, contact their (800) number and speak with a representative, and tell them the other comapnies are offering you their services at a better price with more to offer. These companies are so competative, you sould be able to get a low price on the bundle. Make sure tey do not charge any installation charges, or fees for a modem. The key to get the best deal is negotiation with the companies. I have Direct TV and have Dish, and AT&T Uverse constantly offering me all types of deals including gift cards. The bigger companies are more likely to negotiate a better deal than any of the smaller companies. Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Joan. Thanks for the answer.
I did try so far At&t, Century Link and Comcast Infinity and all three of them do not offer service in my area. I wonder if you could run a search again to find out the ones for sure that do : )



I will try those and see what I can come up with. Joan


Can you tell me the city you are in and name of street? That will help with getting the proper information.



I have found Time Warner and RCN both offer services in Astoria, 11102, but I cannot verify if they have service without an an address to give them. They all use Fiber Optics and some of the areas in the zipcode have it and some do not. You would have to call them and verify they have the lines in and they can set you up for the service.

The other option would be Direct TV which has satellite and high speed intenet, but they would somehow have to install a small dish and I know you mentioned you are in an Apt. This is the link for Direct TV:


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