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This may not be a question for this website. Are there any

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This may not be a question for this website. Are there any gardeners or landscaping folks on here? Here's my question. Fairly simple if you are in that field. Hopefully the answer is YES!

We are being overtaken by those purple flower groundcover/weeds. Is there a chemical or product that will kill them and leave the grass and other flowers/plants alone?

Hello and welcome. I sure can try to help you with that. A picture of the flower (where i can identify it's size and petal and leaves detail would help). If you can do a search for henbit flower pictures it could save us time as this is the one i suspect for now.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, that's what a friend of mine calls it when I complained to her about it, lol! Thanks. What do we do with this?


I personally do nothing with weed and like the diversity in my lawn. I am just mentioning it as some just remove it from peer pressure even if they personally think they look good, so it is a possible choice :)

As for the "weed" in question you have little chance to eradicate it right now as the plant is well established. What you can currently do to reduce it is to make sure the grass is kept thick and got a Nitrogen supplement to be able to compete with the weed. Also make sure that the lawn have plenty of sun (as the weed may start in darker area)

The henbit will start to germinate in the fall (mid to end of september). So you can get a preemergence herbicide at a hardware store or lawn store to treat the affected area. Then you can apply a postemergence broadleaf herbicide in october. Some may only start to germinate in the winter and you will miss them, that is why having a tick lawn to compete is important.

You may also consider mechanical (by hand) removal if your lawn is not too big.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, so I can do something now .... other than hand removal (large yard, lol - we have a farm on hilly rocky ground. Hard to get pasture to grow! and now this junk).


Actually, it IS pretty, IF it would stay in an area designed for it, but that's not happening -its EVERYWHERE.


What kind of chemical do I use now (that won't kill the grass). Then you said do something in October? What kind of chemical would that be? THANKS]


There is many brand of pre emergence herbicide and post emergence.

Pre component:
benefin, bensulide, DCPA, fenarimol, oxadiazon, prodiamine, napropamide, simazine and pronamide.

Post emergent:
Triclopyr and clopyralid, MCPP, dicambia and 2,4-D.

Often the ingredient will be included inside a fertilizer.

As of now, you could reduce the population with weed-B-gone but don't expect a clean out. Those flower only should last end of winter and spring and be invisible when the temperature get hotter.

Hilly rocky ground is the perfect place for that to grow as the soil may have trouble to keep it's humidity and may be poor from erosion by water. In poor lawn i always advise to mix white clover to help the soil to build back (of course you then have to do with small white flower :)).
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