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Joan, Internet Researcher
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Experience:  I believe that knowledge is Power! I would like to try to share my knowledge with others.
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Where can I adopt with 100% certainty a fair complexion child

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Where can I adopt with 100% certainty a fair complexion child (boy or girl or both) with dirty blonde, brown or black hair under 4 years old in the next 6 months.


Are you registered with any agencies?

Do you have a Homestudy done?

Have you completed the required Mapp Classses?

Are you considering a Special needs child?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Joan,


Thanks for responding.


We are not registered with any agencies.

We had a preliminary homestudy done because we looked at fostering with the intent of adoption.

Have not done any mapp classes.

Don't want a special needs child as we already have extended family members who require special needs.



Hello Nector,

I am an adoptive parent and a advocate for adoption. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the average time to adopt is between 2-8 years with the age and description of child you are interested in adopting. The first step is to register with an agency whether Public or Private. Once that is done the home study needs to be completed or updated, which can take about a year. You also have to have background checks, medical certificates and special classes to meet the criteria set for adoption. Then finding a child that meets the criteria that you have set with the hair color, complexion and age range is another huddle.

Even going through a private attorney will take about a year if they are able to locate a child that meets your criteria. Unfortunately, there is no way of getting around the rules. This is a link that gives information on Adoption, Timeframe, and what is needed to complete an adoption: this will give you an idea of a Private adoption:

Each providence has it's own set of rules. This is the Rules for adoption in Qubec:

When we adopted it took 11 years from the beginning. We tried with a Public adoption to no avail and after some time started with a Private attorney and after 3 years adopted our son Transracially which was considered a special needs adoption, because of being of different nationality.

I wish I could give you better news, but unfortunately, even though there are so many children needing homes, the government sets rules that have to be followed before you can adopt.

When rating my answer, I ask you to please do not rate me on the bad news I had to give you, but on the service I supplied. I wish there was another way to get you a child that you would love and to give that child a forever home in the timeframe you have listed.


Joan, Internet Researcher
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 17779
Experience: I believe that knowledge is Power! I would like to try to share my knowledge with others.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
hello Joan

I have gone through the regular process already and this is why I specifically asked for adoption within 6 months. If you are not aware of this or do not know how to go about this then you should have simply not volunteered to answer my question. I will not rate you as a bad answer as
I do not want your ratings to go down but I cannot agree to pay you full price for an answer I have not gotten.


I will be happy to open this for other Experts. I have been through the process and thought I could help, but will see if someone else can assist you. I have not been paid and your Deposit will remain with the site until you get a satisfactory answer or request a refund. I wish you much success. Joan

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi Joan,

Thanks for you well wishes, I wish you equal success in all your endeavors. I will wait a couple of days to get a response from someone who was successful in doing what I want to do. If nothing pans out I agree to pay you $27 for your time and efforts.

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