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My name is XXXXX XXXXX in dexter, mo. I have a safe the numbers

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My name is XXXXX XXXXX in dexter, mo. I have a safe the numbers on the front are S3877 and under that number is XXXXX I am unable to unlock the safe, is it because batteries are dead. if so how are they changed, get no lites when putting in my code. how do I get into my safe. my e-mail is :[email protected] please advise

Hello Carl and welcome!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do my best to answer your question.

My apologies that you did not receive an earlier answer. Different experts are online at varying times and I recently logged in and read your question. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

If you are unable to open your safe and you see no lights on your display after entering your code, your batteries may be dead, as you suspect. Because your safe has a rectangular keypad, to access your battery holder, look for a small hole in the plastic panel directly under your keypad; push a pen point or paperclip into the hole, while simultaneously sliding the cover off to the right. Inside, you will see your battery case. Remove the old batteries and replace with new, fresh AA alkaline or lithium batteries for electronics. Also, check to see that there is no corrosion in the battery case so the battery terminals can make good contact. If you see any corrosion, you can clean it with some rubbind alcohol on a Q-tip and dry thoroughly.

Hopefully, this will get your safe working again. I'm including an electronic copy of your safe's user's manual, which will include all instructions and only be missing your combination, which is/was on your original paper copy.

If you are sure of your combination, the safe should open for you with no problem, once you replace the batteries. If not, you may not be remembering the combination correctly or, if you made a 'user' code for your safe, this may be lost when the batteries died and you will need your original code to get into the safe. The original code can never be deleted. If you need to retrieve your original combination, simply fill out this FORM follow all directions and submit via a mode of your choice.

If your safe also came with a round (tubular) key, use the key first, make sure to remove it from the key hole after turning to release the cylinder inside, and then enter your code. Don't allow more than 5 seconds to elapse in between number entries and turn down your handle to open, within 4 seconds, after seeing the 'open' or 'unlock' icon on your display.

If you are still experiencing a problem after replacing your batteries, call Sentry to speak to Customer Service and/or a technician.

For your convenience, I've listed their Customer Service phone and fax numbers:

Customer Service: 1-800-828-1438 (hours are 8AM-6PM Monday through Friday, Eastern time, but are subject to change). Fax: 585-381-2940

If this is an emergency situation and you need the safe opened right away, your only other alternative is to call a certified locksmith/safe technician. After providing proof of safe ownership/identity (driver's license), the technician should be able to get your combination on the spot from Sentry, if this should be part of the problem, or get the safe open in an alternative way. This would, of course, be a more costly way to proceed, but only if absolutely necessary. You can try any certified local locksmiths/safe technicians in your area by looking in your Yellow Pages under 'Vaults & Safes' or call this company, which has offices nationwide:

I hope this information helped and I wish you much good luck with your safe!

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Best regards,

Cher and 39 other General Specialists are ready to help you

Hi again, Carl.



Thanks very much for your positive feedback.


I appreciate the opportunity to be of help to you and thank you for entrusting your question to Just Answer!


Best wishes,


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