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When the African country of Zaire changed names to Congo and

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When the African country of Zaire changed names to Congo and when the flag of Zaire changed to the flag of Congo as well, did the Zaire's governments, laws, culture, way of life, and all of that good stuff all change as well? Would it be a fair statement to say that anyone who was born in Congo during the time that the country was already named Congo would be in no shape, way, or form connected to Zaire and Zaire's roots? Thank you for your assistance.

If you look at the 3 established "nations" before,during and when Mobutu was ruling as president there was a huge amount of corruption which led to violence, the incursion of neighboring refugees from Rwanda and a myriad of other things that basically decayed the nation.

Today, the son of the man who took over following Mobutu being overthrown is now president. Both of their names are XXXXX XXXXX father was assassinated and the son took his place. Though considered otherwise inexperienced, he is working toward repairing a lot of the problems that still plague the country.

To say those born in Congo in today's time had no connection, whether literally or in the figurative sense would be pretty inaccurate. There is still a large amount of tribal and warlord violence related to diamond and mineral mining. There are still reports of firearm carriers still killing innocent civilians. The infant death rate is still top 5 in th world(probably top 2 or 3) So as a whole this country unfortunately still struggles with any sort of basic fundamentals and monetary support that would allow them to function as a "healthy" nation right now.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. That answers my question. I don't see any happy face options, so I am unable to rate you. But if you send them to me, I'll be more than glad to give you an excellent rating. If I take awhile to do so, it's because I went to lunch. But I will do so when I return. Thanks again.

My pleasure as always.

Have a great afternoon Smile

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