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Why sould Jewish people be buried in the ground instead of

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Why sould Jewish people be buried in the ground instead of a Crypt?

Hello, Myrna and welcome to Just Answer.

Thank you for your insightful question. Also, thank you for your patience. Various experts are online at different times and I just logged in and read your question.

According to Jewish law, the reason the deceased must be buried in a traditional grave in the ground, is so the body may return to the earth.

Alternatives to a traditional, in the ground burial, like a burial in crypts, vaults, and above-ground mausoleums are strictly forbidden, according to Jewish law. These traditions are mainly observed by the Jewish Orthodox; however, the manner of burial may also vary according to the beliefs of the deceased and the family. From personal experience, I know that some Reform and Conservative Jewish people do believe it is acceptable to be buried above ground in a crypt, mausoleum or vault and these do exist in non-Orthodox Jewish cemeteries.

For more information about the belief about why Jewish people should only be buried in the ground, and traditions followed for Jewish burials, please read THIS


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