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Equity theory predicts that people are most satisfied in their

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Equity theory predicts that people are most satisfied in their relationships when the
a. perceived rewards of the relationship are equal to the perceived costs of the relationship.
b. perceived rewards of the relationship outweigh the perceived costs of the relationship.
c. actual rewards and costs of the relationship exceed the expected rewards and costs of the relationship.
d. rewards and costs one partner experiences are roughly equal to those of the other partner.
When in conflict in close relationships, women often try to get their husbands to talk about the problem and men retreat. This communication pattern
a. illustrates the demand/withdraw interaction pattern.
b. fosters social penetration.
c. reflects negative affect reciprocity.
d. leads exchange relationships to become more communal.
Individuals who suffer from social anxiety are likely to
a. be very concerned with the overall balance of their relationships.
b. be very popular with other people and yet not realize that they are popular.
c. have an unusually high need for affiliation.
d. experience feelings of discomfort in the presence of others.
Which of the following is consistent with the evolutionary account of mate selection?
a. Women of all ages prefer partners who are similar in age.
b. In personal ads, women tend to offer beauty and men offer wealth.
c. Both men and women seek partners who are kind and dependable.
d. Men are more disturbed by emotional infidelity and women are more disturbed by sexual infidelity.
When his wife tells him that he cannot go out bowling with the guys, Homer gets mad and throttles his son, Bart. Homer's behavior is an example of
a. instrumental aggression.
b. vicarious aggression.
c. displacement.
d. catharsis.
Each of the following people behaved aggressively, and each was punished for his or her aggression. For which of these people should the indicated punishment have the best chance of successfully reducing aggression?
a. Jake, who was punished immediately following his act of aggression
b. Danielle, who was punished for some of her aggressive acts but not for others, and cannot discern a pattern in the incidence of punishment
c. Keifer, who was extremely angry when punished after committing an act of emotional aggression
d. Lakeesha, who was punished in a very angry, hostile manner by her parents after committing an act of instrumental aggression
Dewanto hears what sounds like gunshots coming from the school parking lot. None of his classmates appears concerned, so Dewanto assumes that they know the sound was only a car backfiring or someone playing with firecrackers. Dewanto's beliefs illustrate
a. diffusion of responsibility.
b. pluralistic ignorance.
c. audience inhibition.
d. empathic concern.
Male motorists in France were more likely to offer a ride to a female hitchhiker who
a. had a small bust, but was smiling.
b. had an enhanced bust size and was smiling.
c. had an enhanced bust size and who was not smiling
d. None of these
Carmen, an 8-year-old girl, is angry with her brother, so she tells their mother that he was playing video games when he was supposed to be doing his homework; she then tells all his friends that he is afraid of the dark. Carmen's behavior illustrates
a. physical aggression.
b. overt aggression.
c. hostile aggression.
d. indirect aggression.
Bonita and Helga are asked to list people they “love,” people they are “in love with,” and people they are “sexually attracted to.” It is likely that the names on
a. all three lists will overlap considerably.
b. all three lists will be fairly different.
c. the “in love” and “sexually attracted to” lists will overlap considerably.
d. the “love” and “in love” lists will overlap considerably.
When Mina first started playing the new Blood Bath Beach Party video game, the extremely violent images made her cringe. Now she has played the game so many times that she barely even notices such images. This illustrates
a. cultivation.
b. habituation.
c. displacement.
d. catharsis.
Asuni hears her neighbor's burglar alarm go off in the middle of the night, but she doesn't call the police because she assumes that one of the other neighbors will do so. Asuni's failure to call the police is the result of
a. pluralistic ignorance.
b. stimulus overload.
c. audience inhibition.
d. diffusion of responsibility.
Hello again,

I am happy to try to help on your questions but wonder why you closed and refunded my two prior answers. It is difficult to continue answering questions when you do not rate as we are not given any credit for our efforts if our work is not rated.

The two questions I recently completed for you are (from today) (from the 25th).

Was there a problem with my responses? If we are to continue working with you and helping, how can we be certain that you will credit us for our work and not refund answers that are 100% correct?

Thanks and have a wonderful evening.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey there, i appreciate your help, however i had to contact customer service because it was not allowing me to view any of my answers and i posted a lot of questions and even a speech that someone was working really hard on for me. They told me it should be fixed now and that their website has been having some problems. I really apologize for this and i will put up those same questions in a few and address them to you so you can get that credit. By all means I apologize for that Embarassed

Thank you for that. Once you are able to post those again so they can be rated, I will be more than happy to help on these new ones.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just tried posting those and it gives me an error message saying that ive posted those questions again.. after this question i will post another one and make it a value of $70 to compensate for those other ones.. is that okay? and i will accept this one as well?

There must be an issue with either your credit card or something. Customer service can reopen those other threads for you that were closed or tell you what the issue is preventing you. Since right now you are not able to rate, including the ones with Verbsrule with the speech which is still open and shows that you have her file and were happy with her work

The code we are showing is that you put through a refund request and that the answer was rejected.

So, please contact customer service and see what they have to say. Let me know and then I can work on your other questions. These will take a while and we, as experts, have to be confident we will receive credit for our efforts.

Thanks - I am sure it is just an issue with your account in some way that they can take care of.

Alright. I see that your rating for Verbsrule went through.

I will go ahead and work on these for you if you could also go ahead with the post you mentioned to cover the other two - just put "For TeacherGreg Only" and post the links to the other two questions that the payment covers (from today) (from the 25th).

Then I can post the answer for you to rate.

I will work on these and have them for you shortly.... does that sound okay?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

okay will do. I am currently in class so I will call once I get out and i promise to put those questions again for you because 1. i need it and 2. i appreciate all the help i can get. In the meanwhile can you opt out so maybe someone else can try to help being that you would like to wait until i post those questions back up.

I have confidence that you will do what is right.

I am working on these right now and will have to you in a short bit.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

why thank you so much!

No problem, I know there are glitches in the system at times.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

wish there were more understanding people like yourself!!! As soon as I get out of my class I will call them right away!

You know what - if you are able to rate this question, I am more than happy to just "call it even" and you do not have to worry about the other questions or making the other post. Maybe it was just a glitch that was going on today for you.

You can always feel free to request me anytime. You are a valued client! Will have these to you shortly.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Wow! thank you! You're amazing and a great person!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you! Laughing

CLICK HERE for the resource.

I am not 100% sure on 1 of the questions and have noted that - you might want to see if you can find that one in your reading as I cannot locate info on that in my resources. It is my best educated guess.


Again thanks for the feedback above and feel free to request me anytime - just put "For TeacherGreg" at the front of your post so it is directly routed to me.
Mr. Gregory White and 44 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you!

No problem. All the best to you and request me anytime.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you! I posted another set of questions (psychology class) on justanswer but i forgot to request you. I dont know if you would be interested in those as well...


It was a pleasure to help with your homework assignment the other day. If you need any further help on your studies, feel free to request me anytime.

All the best in your studies.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I appreciate your help! It did help a lot! I posted another question but it is actually a paper

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