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I am looking at telescopes for a Christmas present this year.

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I am looking at telescopes for a Christmas present this year. What is the difference between 70 EQ, 70AZ, and 70 MM. what do they mean and what one is better to look at planets?
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So first thing is the 70mm, which is 70 millimeters, the size of the lens itself. Basically in other words the size and distance the scope can reach in this case.

The 70EQ and the 70AZ are the Celestron refractor scope models. They offer the same size lens, the same "range" or "length"(basically magnification) but the EQ actually comes with a barstow lens, used for ease of viewing as well as a bit more magnification.

Based on the reviews the 2 scopes you were looking at, I would recommend the 70EQ, its very highly reviewed 4.5 stars out of 5 and is priced very nicely for a gift. Though I must say I would recommend ordering from BH photo, more than amazon. It's currently free shipping and BH has a tremendous rapport and history of excellent customer service. Nothing against amazon, I have just had better service myself with BH over the years.. probably due to amazon's third party fulfillment.

Have an excellent holiday - the 70EQ is a very nice choice.
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