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I have a mobile home with a metal roof located in a town that

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I have a mobile home with a metal roof located in a town that falls to -20 with snow in the winter. The question is to put gutters up or not.
Hello. I assume the current gutter don't go into a drain to disperse underground?

Is that the kind of original roof that end flush with the wall or does it have an overhang. Do you have metal siding screwed?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no the gutters do not drain in a down pipe at this point or underground. the roof has an overhang. Yest the metal siding is screwed

Ok. If you have made a basement for it, it is always a good idea to bring water the farther possible (forgot to ask you if it got one earlier).

The overhang give you more choice because the siding screw hole tend to open slightly with heat expansion over time and water can get in badly in mobile home that have roof flush to the wall.

I always recommend a gutter in any case. Your main problem seem to be that you don't have one fully installed with a drain. Note that if you have a basement French drain, those drain must be different and not connected.

Make sure to caulk any parts of the gutter that is leaking by the bottom. If it leak by overflowing at the top, it may be installed too straight and lack a little slope or have leafs clogging the water hole at the end of it (a single leaf flat on the hole is enough to block the water flow).
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