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i have this limited edition alex rodriguez jersey that joan

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i have this limited edition alex rodriguez jersey that joan had given me its worth if framed, i want to know on the same jersey if there is a pen mark, it is more like a little line, about 3/4 of the way down the jersery, would that affect the value and do you know if there are ways to remove pen marks or at least fade them from white jersys without ruining them? any products to try or should i leave it alone a frame it as is. thank you


Do not try and clean the Jersey. You are better to leave it framed the way it is. When something is framed and has a COA and you try to do anything, it can alter the price more than if you leave it just the way it is. There is too much of a chance to damage the materia or cause further issues. Hope all is well!


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

better to leave ut alone, that is what i thought. if framed, and it is still visable or slightly visable, would that reduce the item since it is a limited edition, exclusive piece or it wouldnt matter?



Some people may try to bargin it down in value, but if it was done before it was framed I would never touch it. The problem with collectables is the market is very soft because of the economy, so people are going to use any means possible to get the best price, plus I have found even with a book value, the piece is only worth what a collect is willing to pay for it. That is why the auction is the best way of selling it.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

could i ask 1 more question? you said if it was done before it was framed, you would never touch it. when you say never touch it, do you meant to try to clean it or never touch it meaning you would never buy it? I understand the other part you said about people trying to use it to get the best price.


I mean I would not try to clean it. I have had that problem and just left it as is. Sometimes trying to fix a line turns into more problems like an ink bleed, which would really devalue the items. I think you are safer to leave it the way it is. Joan

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