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pdheslin, Consultant
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Hi pdheslin its me again. I met my ex a couple of nights ago

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Hi pdheslin it's me again. I met my ex a couple of nights ago 5/7/80 and we ended up sleeping together! Which has made me feel very confused . I didn't feel that he misses me as i miss him . And there was no sign from him of a reunion! He also said a couple of things that seemed to be not him! Is there someone influencing him? Also has it been a positive or negative impact on him and has he been thinking about me since and is it been positive or negative thoughts? And are we any closer reunion?
Hello - thank you for requesting me, I appreciate it.

My my, I can understand and feel your confusion -- I'm sorry that the situation has presented itself this way.

As far as someone else influencing him, I see that there are a variety of people around him, that he thinks he has to impress, these being young males. This group considers themselves, "rebels" so he has to proove to them that he can be just as "counter-culture" or rebelious as well.

I also see 2 females connected to that group of men that are enmeshed in relationships with those men. He wants to impress them too, but not because he wants to be in a relationship with them. But their opinion of him is important to him, as he knows they influence these younger men's opinion. This is a tight little social group.

I don't see any one particular female that "influences" him in romantic or relationship way. Rather, I see that he is going through a very difficult period himself, a sort of identity crisis. When I stand in his energy, I feel, "lost" like not knowing which way to turn in my job, socially, financially. He feels incredible pressure to increase his income, but he can't. He feels pressure to be accepted into his social group, but truth is, he doesn't really care for them. I feel lonely.

His "dance" with you the other night was his attempt to reach out and end his isolation. He knew you would be there for him, and you were. But because his isolation is of his own making, being with you didn't end his inner torment.This is not something you can fix or change, he has to figure out this inner torment on his own.

He's in a growth cycle...he is not in a good place mentally and emotionally. As far as his thoughts about you and what happened the other night, he feels comfort that you were there for him, but he is also mad at himself because he knows he should be offering you more, and he can't do that right now, because other parts of his life are not in place.

He's scared of a commitment , and he's not happy with himself. You can choose to wait it out, but he's going to be in this place for a long time. What he did with you, is unfair to you, knowing you care about him so much. He didnt' do it to hurt you, but nonetheless, it hurt you and he did it. You can also choose to walk away, and open up a space in your heart so that a man who is strong, ready and brave about commitment can come in.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
He is just about to open up a new bar with another 2 partners I wonder if these are the people he is being influenced by! He didn't come Across as lonely and in a bad place to me if anything I Thought he was being a bit arrogant! And felt that he was over me almost! Do you see if he is? And does he miss me? And if there's a chance for us in the future?
If he seemed "over confident" this is the "pumped up false bravado" of a person who is afraid to appear weak by showing how he really feels about himself. This confirms the self doubt he's going through, about his economic status and social status with the 2 males, and their female partners.

He isn't "over" you ...this is why he sought you ought in his darkest moments, hoping you could soothe his lonliness and isolation. Emotionally, he's in a very anxious, scared place. He misses you, which is why he came to you. But you must not allow him to take from you without giving back to you. Just because he relies on you, and knows you are there for him, does not mean that he can take advantage of your good nature. His fear and self doubt it preventing him from being a just and fair partner.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Do you see him in a better place once he gets his business open which should be in dec! Also do you see is having a future together if he sorts himself out? Lastly if he is not my path do you see any romance coming my way anytime soon?
I see him normalizing not once he gets the business open, but after it, because he's going to be very, very distracted with whether or not it's making the money he expected. I see things normalizing out for him late March, early April.

I see another opportunity for you coming near the end of the year, around the holidays in December. But your guides advise, unless you release this man from your thoughts, you won't even notice this other fellow, who is a good match for you and what you want to accomplish in your life.

The choice is yours, you have free will.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Will I not accomplish what I want with my ex if i decide to wait? Also there is a guy who I met a few weeks ago a friend of my friend and think he is quite nice. Do you see him liking me?
If what you want to accomplish is a fair, equatable, two-way relationship in which you receive as much love and support as you give, no, your ex will always put his needs first, and only give to you when it is convenient for him to do so. Even if you get closer to each other in terms of living together or even being married, those things will only be a formality and he will not be emotionally avaiable to you.

He is working out some very serious karma where he has to see what it feels like to be an abuser.

When I connect into the fellow you met a few weeks ago, I do see that you are correct, he is nice, but he had a soul contract with another woman, whom he is meant to have a family with. I'm sorry, but he is not for you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Is that what you see he was to me an abuser? Obviously not physically but emotionally? Do I have a soul contract? And no I want a two way relationship where we would both support each other!
No, he was not an abuser to you. Only you can decide if he emotionally abused you.

We all have soul contracts, and it's our own responsiblity to live them out, and move through them, learning lessons, growing and evolving. This is the wonder and beauty of life, the little surprises and great joys that we discover.

I don't see that you would find happiness with your ex if you "waited"'d be waiting a lifetime for him to open up to you emotionally. You'd only be dealing with his exterior, the mask he wears.

You have other wonderful opportunties ahead of you. I hear the words, "Dance" and I get a strong sense of world travel around you in your future. I also see additional education ahead of you, that you enjoy very much. You have so much to offer the world, and the world has so much to offer you. Please don't wait around for anyone to be ready. There are thousands of "ready" men out there!

If these messages from your Spirit Guides have been helpful, please consider giving me a positive rating so I get credit for working with you :)

Have a wonderful week :)
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