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TaxTom, Internet Researcher
Category: General
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Experience:  Years of experience of finding questions for employeers, family and friends.
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How much can I receive a month if I retire I have about 850k

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How much can I receive a month if I retire I have about 850k in 401k

TaxTom :

Hello, How old are you and are a man or a women? Thanks Tom

Customer: Man 55
TaxTom :

Give a few minutes and I will do the calculation

TaxTom :

Sorry its taking longer than expected

TaxTom :

Hello, $51,500 per month based onliving 25 more years


TaxTom :

This is based on very conservitive 3.5% return on your investment.


TaxTom :

Since we are in historically low returns I would suggest that you have it recalcuated every 5 years but this is conservative enough that you should be able to increase with the cost of inflation and still be fine.

TaxTom :

Thanks Tom

Customer: Do you know what kind of investments will be advisable. Thankn
TaxTom :

I am not an investment adviser but this calculation is based on a conservative investment in bonds. If you invest it in a blend of stocks and bonds you could increase your monthly by 50%. You want to invest in an incremental investment that gets more conservative as you get older. Tom

Customer: Sorry Tom. Can you repeat the monthly amount. You typed 51,500. Is this a year or was it a typo. Thank you
TaxTom :

No that is a yearly figure $51,500

TaxTom :

Sorry I said per month, I meant per year. The monthly would be $4300

Customer: Ta
Customer: Thank you
TaxTom :

Your welcome


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