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pdheslin, Consultant
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Is my mom seeing someone while shes in europe?psychic please

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Is my wife seeing someone while shes in europe? psychic please answer this ..

Hello! Thank you for allowing me to answer this question for you.

It's my pleasure to share an authentic tarot card reading for you, complete with card imagery, just as you would see in a face to face tarot card reading, and a classic interpretation with psychic commentary.

The card I drew from the Spirit Guides to answer your question is the 4 of Cups:


Cups represent the metaphysical element of Water and symbolize our deeper consciousness and our emotions. 4 is the numerological energy of foundation, security, and solidity. This security and foundation also insures, "nothing changes".

Even if she is seeing someone, it's not going to go anywhere. Nothing is going to change. If you see the images of the card, a youth is being offered a cup, but she doesn't see it, or doesn't want it. She's bored by it. She doesn't move from the tree to accept the cup (emotions), so focused on what she already has in front of her.

I hope this reading has helped answer your question and provided additional insight. If you still have questions about this reading after accepting I will be most happy to answer them!


Pam Heslin

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm sorry i dont understand. do you mind explainig it again?

The answer is, that she is not seeing someone romantically. If someone is trying to woo her, she's not having any of it, she's ignoring it. She's focused on the emotional ties she already has, and is not looking to add to, or change her emotional status with regard to a romantic affair.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Then why is she being so mean lately? and what do you mean by a youth is offering a cup?

I provided a picture of the card, if you click on it, you can see a youth is being offered a cup. This is a metaphor for your mother being offered a new emotional connection with a new man, but she is ignoring it. She doesn't want it. Someone may be flirting with her, or coming on to her, but she is not interested.

When I connect into her energy, I see what you are saying about her being, "mean". This is more to do with her own feelings about herself. She is not happy with herself. She knows she should be more patient, more loving, more understandng, more tolerant of others differences -- including the small differences between you and her.

She does not like who she is. She's angry with herself for not being a better person, a better mother. Ironically, she takes it out on you, because you are there, you are close to her.

Try to pray for her, for she's a very sad person. I see that she lets no one in -- she doesn't get too emotionally close to anyone. Pray for her, that she finds inner peace and self esteem. She's been this way long before you were born. She will find peace in future, when she learns that her happiness comes from loving who she is, and then she will begin to make amends to those she has hurt.

Pray for her, and you will be healed too by your own prayers for her.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

is her sister forcing her to find someone else?

No, though her sister would like her to find someone else, she cannot force your mother to do so, and your mother will not.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i meant did her sister offer somebody particulair

When I read this situation, the energy tells me that her sister has been talking to your mom for several weeks about a man she has known for a long time. But your mom is not interested in that man at all.
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Thank you so much for your kindness. If you'd like me to read more for this situation, please put 'For Pam" in the question.

You have a very sweet energy about you :)
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Did you have a question?
Hi, I'm just following up with you on the question I answered for you a few days ago.

I'm here if you're looking for additional answers.

I know this is very important to you and my goal is to get you the answers you need!

Pam Heslin