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how do i plant peach seeds

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how do i plant peach seeds
Hello, at what point are you now, just got them out of the fruit? Where are you located?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

iowa, still in fruit . plant now or in spring

If you want to plant it as a seed, it would be right now. You will need to add some metal mesh to prevent squirrel from picking it up.

The proximity depend of the tree it came from, some tree become really big, some are dwarf variety. To prevent fungal disease by allowing good air circulation i planted mine 20 feet apart. I would not put them closer than 15 feet and 30 feet is OK if you have enough space.

I never got much success planting a seed directly into the soil. What i did was to take the seed from inside the shell, this is not very easy but i got 95% germination that way. I first use a metal hand saw to give a preferential for the cracking process (you can saw 4mm into the end that is less pointy without touching the kernel). I then put it into a vise and crush it slowly from it's side (like it would be positioned left alone on a table).

Use security glass to do this, it can fly like a bullet when it crack. Once i have the seed i wrap it into a bit of humid paper towel and put it into a pharmacy pill container and in the refrigerator for around 4 months (this cold period is needed for germination).

Once the root start to be 1 cm long i plant it into sterilized soil (cooked a bit in the oven to prevent any pesky larvae that love those seed). I usually end up with a well started tree that i plant in the soil in may.

To make sure that the tree start well, i keep potatoes peel that i freeze (so they get killed and don't germ) to put in the hole with the plant.
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