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My son is with my husbands daughter. They have been together

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My son is with my husbands daughter. They have been together 1 yr more than us. They do not speak to us because they say it is wrong for us to be married hat they were together first. Now she is pregnant. Can they keep the baby from us seeing and being in its life?


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Unfortunately, if both parents choose to deny visitation to a grandparent, the court cannot award grandparent visitation over the parents' objection. The US Supreme Court held that parents "have a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the care, custody and control" of their children".

Grandparents may obtain visitation rights if the grandparents child is unavailable for visitation or custody of this child. For example in a situation where the child's parents are separated or divorced or if one parent is deceased, has relinquished his parental rights or had parental rights terminated.

In a situation where both parents agree that they do not want a child to see the grandparents, there is little that the grandparents can legally do.

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