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John Henderson
John Henderson, Consultant
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11/24/09 your XXXXX XXXXX answered a question re dsisposal

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11/24/09 your XXXXX XXXXX answered a question re dsisposal of furniture, etc in a 4 rm. apartment in midtowwn nyc. My question is almost the same.... 4 rm apt. midtown NYC, with an accumulation of household items. paintings, costly glassware, etc., etc. and, tools. I need a person or agency that can help, preferably not the standard gift shop like Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc. Ideally, I would like aj afgeny r source that might qualify. There are some who work only with large disposal and/or appraisals problems. xxxxxx [email protected] xxx-xxx-xxxx fax x xxx xxx xxxx


I tried to find the Q&A you referred to in your request dated 11/24/09 and my archives did not go that far back. Can you please cut and paste the question and answer you saw on that date. I would suggest that you send individual invitations to friends and family and an ad in the local PennySaver and hold a "silent bidding auction" which means that each item would be identified by a number and people would sign the card attached to the item with a $ amount and at a specific time, the bidding would be closed and the winning bids read during a coffee and donut time. Make it as informal as possible, but formal enough to avoid confusion. People who win the item must remove the item withing 24 hours and any items left over would then be donated to Salvation Army, GoodWill or a local charitable food bank supporting thrift shop.

Here in California, this method of estate sale works quite well. Some folks even start a food bank using this type auction.

Hope this helps and good luck.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

John I accept. Couldn't find the accept button..Just wish there more possibilities over and above the one you gave me. .Offgicial "accept."