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new home/bug problems

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I just moved into a new home & it seems to be a magnet for insects! At first it was moth like things, well moths which I didn't worry too much about, now I have roaches! I've never in my life had roaches & I am not the cleanest person but by no means the dirtiest. I need to know how to get rid of them & keep them out. I haven't noticed any significant openings around windows etc but as cold weather approaches in my region I need them not to get back in! I have a 2 yr old & am currently pregnant so harsh chemicals in abundance are not my first choice I also have a dog. Help how'd I get roaches ACK?!?

I am going to try to get some sleep now if I don't have nightmares of creepy crawly things

Hello, Melissa and welcome back to Just Answer.

It's very possible that there was an existing infestation in your new home before you moved in and/or you may have transferred some insects from your old place (that you weren't aware of) when you moved in.

First, it's important to try to find and seal all modes of entry. This would best be done by an experienced exterminator. Next, it's important to have the underside of the house checked for active nests, etc., if this is possible, according to your particular set-up.


Using food grade diatomaceous earth (found in plant nurseries and garden centers) sprinkled around baseboards and under counters, is also helpful. Read more about this, plus, other suggestions, here:

The best way to get rid of these disgusting critters if you do have a severe infestation, is to set off a bug 'bomb' in your home. You will need to remove items from closets and cabinets and cover everything with sheets or tarps, and leave your home for about 2 days. After the bomb is finished, there will be a lot of white powder residue on your things and it will smell. On the first day, after you set off the bomb, you will need to clean up the white residue and put on several fans in your home, plus open windows to air it out. On the second day, after everything is cleaned up and it no longer smells, you can move back into the house. Hopefully, you will have a relative or friend you can stay with, nearby, if you choose to do the bomb.

The insecticide is toxic to pets and children, and you, being pregnant, should not inhale it, either, so you must be sure all traces of it are removed from the house before you move back in. If you can hire a cleaning service to do all this for you, it would be great.

A great deterrent/killer of roaches is boric acid, but this is toxic to pets and children. They make 'roach tablets' of boric acid which you can place around the areas you see them, but you must make sure your child and dog can't get to them.

You can also get the plastic roach traps made by Raid, etc., and place them around the areas you see them; these contain a pesticide mixed with something that attracts the roaches to eat it.

Plugging in a sonic pest repeller sometimes works, but may bother your dog's ears and is not reliable.

Hiring an exterminator to spray your place won't be effective and will expose you, your child and your dog to the chemicals (even though they say they're not toxic, I wouldn't take a chance).

I had a similar problem when I lived in NY and bombing was the only solution, so that's why I'm passing it along to you.

Remember, the most important thing is to find and seal any modes of entry. Have a professional go through your entire home, down on hands and knees, looking for any cracks or seams between floor and wall, around windows, doors, behind kitchen cabinets and in clothes closets.

I wish you much good luck and hope your problem is resolved very soon!

Also, many congratulations on your new home and your upcoming second blessed event!

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Best regards,
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