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What paper work do I need filled out ahead of time to import

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What paper work do I need filled out ahead of time to import a 2008 Boxster S from US and can I import a 2008 Boxster S to Canada from US.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hello. I can assist you with your question.

I want to make sure I understand - you are in the Canada and would like to import the vehicle from the US. Is that correct?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No I am a canadian and want to import the car from US to Canada
Sorry. I edited the message because I knew I had it backwards, but you must have read it first.

It's a good question, to which the Canadian government has a really good answer. They have a solid process to help you get it done.

The place to start is the RIV - Registrar of Imported Vehicles

It appears that the car you wish too import is specifically permitted. Refernce for that is here:
Passenger Car Permissibility: Porche

One think you MUST make sure of with the 2008 Boxter that is required for import into Canada. It's a very minor thing, but can cause a significant problem! That's the cutting of the carpet away from the tether anchorage. Just read the note on that page - it's explained in more detail.

The following page has all the steps you can take prior to importing, including a checklist.

Before Importing

Please let me know if you have any specific questions.

EDIT: I should specifically mention the forms for "Pre-Clearance", which you will want to take advantage of.

I added in the information on Pre-Clearance above.

I put it in quickly and didn't give you the proper explanation... this is only applicable if you are importing commercially or for resale, in which case the first program application would be applicable, but not the second.
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