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Hi Cher, good work !..this man is being found for me.Thanks!! I

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Hi Cher, good work !..this man is being found for me.Thanks!!
I have another difficult Crayton question his name isXXXXX (b) Aug 06, 1896 Milam Co TX (m) Emma ?? as an adult moved to Quanah (kwa:na/Q Town) ,Harderman Co TX ( Central North West TX. unable to find any trace of this person..Info famiily members agree he was ordered by a Milam Co Judge to leave and never come back ( that's sad)... are you tired of helping me ..if so, please let me know...
Hi again, Jonnie, and you're most welcome!

Thanks for requesting me to answer your new question.

My apologies for the delayed response as I was offline when you posted. I will research this for you and let you know what I find. Was Emma his wife or mother?

You're a lovely person and I will never get tired of helping you! Laughing

Do you know if or how he is related to your uncle Pee Wee or your Dad?

Speak to you soon,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Cher, Thanks for all you've done and doing .. appreciate you much!
Let me see if I can figure this our..My grandfather & Quincy's father were brothers...that would be they're all 1st cousins
Emma was his wife

you never have to apologize for not answering right away... I have loads of things to do so there's no problem

I read there's a Mental Hospital in Quanah, Hardeman Co TX..just wondering if he was ordered out of Milam Co..with possibly a mental problem...Have to say haven't heard of any other family members in trouble with the law... Thank You..jonnie
Hi again, Jonnie and thanks for your kind words!

You're most welcome for the help and it's my pleasure!

Thanks for adding that information. I'll see what I can find.

Best regards,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi again, Jonnie.

I'll post back after I do some research for you.

Cher (I know the system tells you I need more information, but there's no need to reply at this time : ) )
Hi again, Jonnie.

So far, I have found the following about Robert Quincy Crayton; we know that he fought in World War I: (scroll about 3/4's of the way down the page)

See all the other Craytons listed; try to find out if any of them are directly related to you or if names sound familiar.

I found the following from the City of Quanah Cemetery records:

ES-29-G-03 CRAYTON QUINCY (deceased) CRAYTON EMMA (owner of cemetery plot)

As you can see, no dates of birth or death are listed. It's possible that after being court-ordered out of Milam, he changed his first name to 'Quincy' (his middle name) rather than being called Robert, perhaps to make a new start. Here are two other listings with Emma as 'owner of the plot':



It seems she owned 3 plots. Maybe one was for a child?

At this time I haven't found anything else, but I'm still searching.

Best regards,
Cher : )
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