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SpecialistMichael, MS, CSCS
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Do you believe the website

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Do you believe the website is accurate? Be sure to have the volume on your computer on when you check this website out. Can one believe a preacher these days just because he is a preacher? How can one discern between an authentic preacher and a false prophet? What went wrong in society for so many preachers to have gone bad? Thank you for your assistance.

Windylen :

Thank you for your question, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to assist you today. Will post my answer the soonest possible time.

Windylen :

For your first question, my answer is ' no'. I do not believe the website because it does not give information of the organization. For second question if we can believe a preacher these days because he is a preacher, my answer is no. Anybody could say he is a preacher. For third question as to how can one discern between an authentic and a false prophet, my answer is that, through prayers lead by the Holy Spirit I can discern which is which. Also, an authentic preacher does not bear false witness against other people or a religion in particular. A true preacher accepts anyone no matter what the religion is. Of course I believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior.

My pleasure to help on great questions. Thank you so much for the gracious requests on your question.

Religion is a very tough subject and very very subjective - all dependent on who you ask. Obviously the information created within each religion is considered factual and objective, but read any person with enough charisma to captivate an audience, they can almost convince that audience that what/who was considered legitimate at one time is actually false or tainted.

The problem comes when certain people in all religions distort the intended message. Its not that they are reading a verse for example differently, its that the message given to the crowd or the people might actually not even be what was intended from the books itself. For example the links on the site talk about all these individuals and the very tone I get from it(being objective and open to any other person's beliefs or religion) is that it seems that certain people ACTUALLY want to slander other people's sayings and turn them into something they are not. Some of the links provided on the site actually link to things said by other preachers that were probably their attempts to share a message, but were misconstrued to be something different.

One of the main points someone would actually argue with preachers is money. There are MANY pastors who are known to simply make a business using "God" as the source of divinity but only providing healing to those who "pay". They do this so much that while the information shared is legitimate(from the books and history of religion) the perception of those individuals doing the healing or being the medium for the God in question is looked at differently because its such "business", basically selling religion and the ideas behind them. So to answer that, aside from the fact that each person will want to basically slander another in an attempt to draw more of a crowd, a very large amount is because it becomes a monetary venture.

My biggest thing with all of these is: prove it. Show me something objectively, past what all of these people "say" that shows me they are terrible. I don't doubt there are some people on the website that are doing and saying things for the wrong reason, as well as giving the messages intended incorrectly but the problem with this is actually that the site is designed to slander, with limited information at that.

I would advise you to make a mental note, if these are the things you wish to research including the individuals, but then actually do the research for yourself based on the messages you are reading and hearing about from them. I absolutely don't doubt there are people on that list doing what others see as wrong, but for the site to simply list a single sentence fragment on a person someone is probably not familiar with at first glance is hardly convincing.. again some of that is probably taken out of context.

Its no different than going into a health food store and seeing product A trash-talk product-B and saying that the ingredients are bad(but not mentioning that at 100times the recommended dose they are bad). Of course information taken out of context or stretched WAY far beyond the initial intention is going to look bad. But do the research(if you wish) on the people themselves.

..and just keep in mind, plenty of people are doing things out there for the wrong reasons, even if they intended it from the start to be a good thing. Money, greed, perceived power and fame are all things that are known to twist once good people.

Also, to let you know I am also looking at your other questions as well and will still work on them for you.

Thank you again for the personal requests and great questions - It would be my pleasure to continue to work with you in the future.

SpecialistMichael, MS, CSCS
Category: General
Satisfied Customers: 508
Experience: Senior Information Specialist
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