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I have a spirit who comes every night and turns on the radio

Resolved Question:

I have a spirit who comes every night and turns on the radio at 10:19. The station it turns to is 91.1. An hour later it turns itself off.
Once when I was reading about my Guardian Angel,that night the radio went on at 9:58. My number is XXXXX In other words if I find a penny a dime will be nearby.The time it comes on is eleven and when it turned on at 9:58 it equals 22,twice eleven.
Last week I had a talk with the spirit and saked for it to say hello to someone I used to know who died of cancer. My cat started acting weird so I said."If you are Bob shake a paw." He did. Over and over. He hasn't done it since. I have filmed both the radio coming on and the cat shaking a paw. So my question is what is happening? It started last August and continues to this very day. It isn't creepy and the cat doesn't react at all like it is frightened or anything.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Cher replied 4 years ago.
Hello, and welcome to Just Answer.

I have had similar experiences, and it does sound like you have a benevolent spirit who is trying to make contact with you. Since you asked the spirit to give you a sign if it were Bob and you did receive a sign with your cat shaking his paw, the spirit is most likely Bob and he wants to let you know he is there and watching over you and he is okay and in a better place, now.

Yes, the fact that the radio turned on at 9:58 that one night, which is two times 11, is significant. Also, do you not usually have the radio tuned to station 91.1, but it is moved to this station by the spirit? Interesting that the station is "9-11", so there's an 11 in it. If Bob knew your number is XXXXX this is significant, as well.

If it is not creepy and you 'expect' this to happen every night and your cat is not reacting in a frightened way, I think the spirit (Bob) will hang around for a while longer, to make sure you're alright, and you can tell him it's okay (give him permission) to move on, you're doing well, and you will always think of him and never forget him. This might reassure him you're alright and he might move on to the plane he is seeking.

I hope this helped you, and if so, please click 'Accept'. We can continue our conversation even after you click 'Accept'; it will not cut off our communication.

Best wishes,
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