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How Much Is A Hpcq10-100 Worth? I Have Someone That Wants

Resolved Question:

How Much Is A Hpcq10-100 Worth?
I Have Someone That Wants To Sell Me Onefor $175
Submitted: 5 years ago via HelpOwl.
Category: General
Expert:  Martin replied 5 years ago.

175$ is not too much if you have a good battery (those don't last long and eventually can't maintain charge, so ask him if you can test the computer for one day intensively).

It's quite an underpowered computer so be sure it can allow you to do the work you want. There is a residual price nobody will want to go under at around $50 for almost any computer still usable today but you may be able to negociate at $120. It always depend how much he want to sell it and how badly he need the money. That kind of netbook computer is really common and many are for sale as they often lack cpu power.
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