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Michael Hannigan
Michael Hannigan, Internet Researcher
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Will I be dismissed from my school district?

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Will I be dismissed from my school district?


Hello. I can assist you with your question.


Have you recently (last several months or year) been under additional pressure?


People that are in positions to do so have disagreed with you, maybe even giving you some type of verbal and even written corrective actions?


Please let me know at any time if I'm way off. I'm speaking from intuition.


I sense that you have been doing some work on something that may threaten the other teachers - or some of them.


Something that you are doing or are part of to help improve the school and the quality of the teachers through some standards around performance.


There are a couple of female superiors that are not involved in the back-biting - "above the fray" so to speak. Both females. At least one is in a very high position and is familiar with your work. Either one or both of them think highly of your work, and in general all the negative stuff - even though there's more of it, doesn't matter. Complaints and or write/ups in your case are a product of the insecurities of others. I hope this makes more sense to you than it does to me!


So, what you are undergoing now is temporary and may be a result of you taking the initiative to make the school system better through a project or projects. I think your troubles are behind you. If you have moved from one school to another, leave the past where it is and continue what you are doing. I see you raising up above all the noise soon - within the next 6-8 months.


At that point, I don't think you would be worried about which classrooms you will be teaching or who likes you and doesn't. At that point, the work you have done will have provided the validation you needed to have the confidence to step up in your career at the request of someone higher, perhaps a director, maybe administering some sort of improvement program starting on a local level and expanding down the road. You are doing good stuff. Focus on that. Focus on what administrators like to see from you and pay little or no attention to any feedback you receive from those (especially union teachers) that may be impacted by your projects to insure the schools have certain objective standards for teachers. In principle, you are right and doing the right thing.


That's about all the detail I have for you now.


Hopefully it's good enough news to encourage a huge bonus!


You are going to do fine... but don't let your expectations and speculations clutter things... just do what you are doing and don't worry about the rest.


Wow, this was a great reading: you have hit a lot of issues right on target. Is it possible for me to schedule an appointment with you so we can chat online?

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi, Michael,

I have read and reread your response and it is frighteningly accurate. I have been under a lot of pressure and have participated in four formal conferences with write-ups. My principal had asked me last spring to be a part of a voluntary pilot study for the district in its implementation of the new Teacher Evaluation system. I worked very hard and my ratings were low despite having written everything down. I had more knowledge of this system than my two female supervisors did: one was my principal and the other was her Director of Instruction. My principal invited me to participate because she saw me as being "productive" last year. Even though she was not writing me up last year, I felt that she questioned everything I did.

I am a parent of two highly gifted sons with ADHD and Aspergers/High Functioning Autism. I know how to work with all student populations whether they be gifted, to English language learners to autistic, etc. My style of teaching was looked down upon from my peers because I put in 12 hour days to provide a stimulating and exciting learning experience. I used Project Based Learning for years, which ultimately became my downfall.

I am in teacher jail and right next to our area are the three Directors of Instruction for my local district. One of the directors, who is a male, teaches at UCLA, my alma mater, and was my principals' Director last year. They had some kind of falling out, and my principal was assigned to another Director of Instruction. This Director observed my teaching and worked with me throughout the pilot study process. I tried to be very professional during our meetings, despite the fact that my principal was all over me. It was never brought up with her, but there was another lady, who I shared that this process had been a difficult one. The process forces you to look at yourself and make changes. I felt like I was being scrutinized and I did not feel that this process was a collaborative one, which is what it was supposed to be. I know that I would have ended up where I am now sooner or later. I guess I just helped her along.

I am currently in a doctoral program and am ready to begin my dissertation. I have been totally distracted by all that is happened and I cannot think about anything else. I was planning to write on teacher evaluation processes and how teacher evaluation, no matter how hard one tries, is not an objective process, but a very subjective one. If the process was to be objective as intended, than the school's principal should not be an observer, because positive or negative, a principal has a relationship with his/her teachers. Being targeted by my principal, had a direct impact on the evaluation process, and the low ratings that I received is a reflection of how out of touch these district administrators are from being in the classroom.

My questions are: Who was removing school materials, student work and my personal property from my classroom? Who felt threatened by me? Will I be recommended for dismissal from the Director of Instruction? Will I be assigned to another school or will I take on a different assignment? What is the future of the school that I loved so much and how will my students fare without me? Will I receive support from the community or is everyone living in fear? Was this path going to happen to me anyways because I am too idealistic and have hope for mankind?

WIll I be able to refocus on my dissertation or should my dissertation topic be about the ordeal that myself and other teachers are experiencing?

Again, thank you for your help and your innate intuition. I will provide an added bonus if you can provide me with some foresight!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can you respond to my response to you dated 3/10/12 at 12:48 a.m.? Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX really appreciate it!

Sorry for the delay. I came down with the flu and have been mostly offline, so I didn't see your response right away.

At first read, your story seems almost surreal to me! I had never imagined this kind of complexity in an educational system work environment. It's fascinating. If you can give me a little time to wake my brain up, I will respond. I was just resting and this type of thing takes a great deal of concentration. I wouldn't be doing it justice if I tried to respond right now. Is that ok?

Michael Hannigan and 45 other General Specialists are ready to help you

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