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Stephanie receives a salary of $650 per month plus a commission

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Stephanie receives a salary of $650 per month plus a commission of 5.5% on the first $3000 of sales and 7% of all sales over $3000. find Stephanie's gross pay for the month if her sales were $9190

supercj21 :

Hi and thank you for your question.

supercj21 :

Her gross pay was $1248.30


Thanks can you please show the work...

supercj21 :

Okay. Since her sales totals were 9190, the first $3000 she made 5.5% on. So you do 3000 multiplied by .055 and you get $165. Everything over $3000 she made 7% on. So you subtract $3000 from $9190 and you get $6190. Then you multiply $6190 by .07 and you get $433.30. So $165 + $433.30 + her salary of $650= $1,248.30.


Thanks awesome!!!

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