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I didnt find a category for travel experts but that is what

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I didn't find a category for travel experts but that is what I need. A vet can only help me so far but I also need to know how the airlines work in regards XXXXX XXXXX in flight pet rules. I have an old cat with stage 2 renal failure. This sounds worse then it really is she is actually doing quite well. I may have to travel to live in Ecuador for 6 months or more and she will need to come with me. I know I could probably get her checked in as carry on with me, which I think would be best for her sanity, but was wondering how strict the airlines are. Would she be allowed on the plane with a known physical problem? Also if I could strap her kennel into the seat beside me rather then putting her on the floor I think that would make for an easier and quieter ride. Would I be allowed to request and confirm a front row seat? Would I be allowed to take her to the restroom for bathroom duties and/or clean up? It is a long way to Cuenca in Ecuador, would it be better to make several shorter flights or one long one? Are the Ecuadorian airlines open to transporting pets? Many questions I know but all one subject.
I have used your service extensively before, many thanks
Felicity Christensen.

It is not so much the airline issue you need to deal with in terms of whether they will transport the cat (that you would need to call ahead and work out with the airline and it would not be an issue).


The real issue you have is international travel with your animal... Each international country has its own requirements and, even if you are able to get the cat into Ecuador using the information from the site below, you are then going to have even more troubles bringing the cat back into the United States from Ecuador as that will even be more difficult.


Here is a site that shows all of the necessary steps to even take the cat to Ecuador (and they are extensive)


Once again, bringing the cat back into the United States once it has been in a foreign country will be even more difficult.


Is there anyone that you trust that could watch the cat while you are away?

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