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I cant get into my safe as the electronic keypad

Resolved Question:

I can't get into my safe as the electronic keypad is not responding. I've checked the batteries and they are okay. The model number is XXXXX Any suggestions ? Thank you, [email protected] XXX-XXX-XXXX
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Cher replied 5 years ago.
Hi Dan, and thanks for your question.

I'm sorry you're experiencing a problem with your safe. There are several possibilities why you may be having a problem. You may not have remembered your combination correctly, you may have entered the combination too many times within a short period, locking you out of the safe for anywhere from 15 minutes to 24 hours (this is a safety feature). Your safe also needs a key to open it, in conjunction with the combination. If the plunger is pushed in, in the key lock, insert the key, turn to the right, and the plunger should pop out, then try entering your combination again. Also, make sure your handle is all the way up (in a horizontal position).

Sometimes, the actuator will get stuck due to lack of lubrication, and striking the safe's door, right above or below the electronic keypad, with a rubber mallet, might help jar the actuator and open the safe. If you don't have a rubber mallet, wrap the head of a hammer in a towel (to avoid damage to the safe) and strike the safe door several times. Sometimes, it can take as many as 15 strikes to jar the actuator, if this is the problem. Then, you will need to spray WD40 inside the door to lubricate the mechanical parts, so this doesn't happen again.

If you still cannot open your safe, you will need to contact Sentry to troubleshoot the problem and/or request a new combination to reset your safe. For your protection and security, the only way to obtain information on how to find out your original factory-set combination and/or to reset the combination for your safe, is directly from the manufacturer; follow the instructions at this link:

As you can see, you will need to submit the model number and serial number of your safe, in addition to a notarized form, proving that you are the rightful owner. Once you request a new combination and submit the notary form (click on 'notary form' at the link I included above), Sentry will be able to provide you with instructions on how to reset your combination.

If you need to contact Sentry first, to receive additional instructions and/or to explain your circumstances, here is their contact information:

For your convenience, their phone number is: 1-800-828-1438 and their hours are Monday through Friday, 9AM to 9PM, Eastern time.

I wish you much good luck and hope you are able to open your safe without too much difficulty.

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Thank you for the opportunity to be of help!

Best regards,
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