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Hello. Are there any moving experts out there By that I

Resolved Question:

Are there any moving experts out there?
By that I mean, is there anyone who has compared different
moving options for about 100 boxes from say, Cleveland,
to Reno?
I realize this is a long shot--I don't want a quote from a person
who has allegiance to a specific company--but I thought I would try
and see just how many kinds of "ologists" there are in the world.
Many thianks,
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Steve replied 5 years ago.

Hi Nancy,

over the years I have explored every possible option.

the cheapest way is to rent a truck and do it yourself. options include U-haul, Budget truck rental and a few others. you do all the work and all the driving.

the next step up is a commercial mover. the two options available are U-pack and they-pack.

with the u-pack option, you pack all the boxes, they load, deliver and unload. the downside is, if anything is found damaged, they have limited liability because they were not allowed to inspect the boxes before they were sealed and loaded. you should check with your renters/homeowners insurance about this one.

the other option here is to contract the whole deal. the carrier will contract with a local company to come in and pack all your belongings. the movers will load and deliver and unload. another local company will be contracted to unload and put your things away.

and as with anything else, almost every aspect of this is negotiable.

the cost, of course, depends on what you negotiate with the carrier.

all of the major moving companies are similar in cost. their price is based on mileage. deals vary.

when you call for a quote, you will need to know the size and weight of the boxes. they are particularly adept to helping you with this by performing an inventory of your goods.

the inventory can be performed over the phone.


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