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What is the best acoustic guituar,(not elec), for a small handed

Resolved Question:

What is the best acoustic guituar,(not elec), for a small handed 65 yr old lady to teach herself to play (from a tv tutorial course)? Cost not an issue, quality and easiness to play is. Folk, Country, 60's hits, golden oldies to play to friends and grand-kids is the aim.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: General
Expert:  Joan replied 5 years ago.


I play accoustic guitar, mostly folk music and have small hands and I am small in stature, so I am recommending two guitars that I am familiar with, that work for me with enabling me to play without stretching to reach a cord.


A Taylor Baby Taylor Deadnought Acoustic Guitar is made for a smaller person, so they are a small guitar and has a smaller fretboard for a smaller hand. They are a high quality but not overly priced. This is a link to view it:


The Martin LX1 is also a good 3/4 acustic guitar. Again it is made for the smaller hand and a good beginner Guitar:


I have very small hands as I wear a size 4 ring and cannot span the fret board or neck on a full size acoustic guitar. I have tried both of these and have found I can span the fret board to make sure I can play cords comfortably and am able to finger pick and play without major issues. Both of these guitars have a good tone and would make a good starter guitar for someone who is just getting started.


I do suggest getting into a Music shop if possible and hold some of the guitars to get the feel of the neck and fret board and ask about the two guitars I mentioned above and see if they have one for you to try. Joan

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