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I mailed $4900 worth of American Eagle gold proof coins last

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I mailed $4900 worth of American Eagle gold proof coins last April using the US Post Office. I sold the items through eBay. The package was sent priority Mail medium-size priority box with signature confirmation needed.
When the box was delivered to the sender receiver it had been ripped and torn open from the side and all the contents had been removed with the exception of the bubble wrap. The receiver refused to sign for the package and told the postman to return to sender. I have the package in my possession.
I went to the post office to find out how I could get refunded my $4900 value of the shipment. The person at the post office asked if I had purchased insurance. I use eBay to create my mailing labels and to pay for the postage. In April of 2011 the eBay page which I input all the information specifically stated that I could not purchase insurance for more than $500. This is why I have always sent the packages requiring signature confirmation.
I had not purchased $4900 worth of insurance for the shipment. I explained to the post office employee why I did not insure it.. I did not know I could.
The post office employee gave me a number to call in Philadelphia. I called the number and received a recorded message. I literally could not understand the woman on the recorded message and what she was saying. I did hear her say to leave my number. I left my number and never heard back from anyone. I am not sure who it was I called.
I need help. I do not know what to do at this point. I want to recover my $4900 in value. I had heard from the buyer that the post office had found someone within the post office who had been stealing mail. I never heard anymore other than that.
I have no idea what to do at this point. Can somebody there help me?
Thank you,
Tim Michael case
Tracy California

Here is what I would try (although no guarantee here).


Print out the following form:


Check that it was a registered mail item. At the top of the second page, follow the directions listed for the registered mail items.


You'll also need to show the item's value or estimated repair costs, with sales receipts or invoices (send in copies - do not send originals and ensure you still have them).


Be sure to keep all of the materials together that you received as you may be required to bring them in once your issue is looked at (to your local post office).


Mail those materials along with a second sheet that you need to complete (would type it out) that explains the situation and what occurred. Be as informative and descriptive as possible so that they will have that additional information when they consider your claim.


Without the insurance, it is not definite that you will be able to recover money on this. However, over the years, I have seen people who were successful by completing this method and including written explanation and proof of value of items.


Mail to

USPS Domestic Claims

PO Box 80143

St Louis, MONNN-NN-NNNN/p>

Since you used registered mail, you will not be able to file Online.


I wish you all the best! Good luck and I truly hope you are able to be successful in this regard.


It will take about 30 days to get a response and resolution one way or the other.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I did not send this registered mail. I mailed it priority mail midsize box signature required. Since this was not mailed as registered mail, you mentioned something about doing it online?
Look forward to your response.
Thank you

In my professional experience, I think you will want to mail in this information along with your explanation as yours is such a high value of loss. If it was $500 or under, I would go ahead with the Online, but you are out almost $5000 and I think that the more explanation that you can provide along with the copies of the value of your items, you will be a step up in the process and have a better chance in this situation. This is especially true since you did not have insurance on the item (that would work better for the Online method).



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