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TaxTom, Internet Researcher
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I am not sure what category to place this in. Here is my question.

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I am not sure what category to place this in. Here is my question. My husband and I are in our 70's planning on taking a vacation of over one month duration. Our three adult daughters all married are the ones who would be beneficiaries if anything should happen in a Final sense to us both. My husband has prepared documents of our current financial standing that we want each daughter to have possesion of. This includes every detail that would allow them access to our accounts. Each daughter is more than 4 hours from our home and since we are leaving in less than one week, HOW do we securely pass this info to them? My husband has it all printed on about 7 sheets of paper. when that question is answered another question is: Do we tell them Where to keep it so Trust will not be violated in their holding it? We do have a Locked Box at a local bank, however, only the daughter who is by air at least 8 hours away is on the signature card of that institution. The other daughters nearer do not have the time to make a trip here and add their names to the locked box signature card.

TaxTom :

Hello, I would leave it with your attorney with instructions to give it to your daughters in case of your deaths. The other option is to leave the instructions at your home. In either case you can let your daughters no where the information is being left. Thanks Tom


Definitely this says we should have an attorney in place......but we do not. One of our daughter's best friends (who lives in town) is an attornery but not family law......just out of the Friendship connection.....I have been in her law office, she has a very highly respected practice. If we would ask her to hold these what kind of compensation would be appropiate??


Personally I think your last suggestion is best.........not wanting to be pushy, but can you think of anything else?

TaxTom :

Hello again, it may be hard to expect a person who has an interest not to be tempted to look at these papers so an attorney or if you have a relationship with a trusted banker would be your best choice. I think a fee of $50 to an attorney would be fair compensation for holding the papers. Thanks Tom


Thank You Tom for assisting me in this situation.

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