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I Dont Have A Dial Tone On Any Of My uniden Phones

Resolved Question:

I Don't Have A Dial Tone On Any Of My uniden Phones
Submitted: 5 years ago via HelpOwl.
Category: General
Expert:  Steve replied 5 years ago.

verify the phones are charged. do they light up when you press call?


verify your base unit is plugged into the phone outlet and that the power cord is connected.

you should see some evidence on the base unit it is powered up.


if you have checked all the above and find no problems, you need to contact your phone company and ask them to investigate your lack of service.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
They do light up. However, no tone, my printer says "Phone off the hook, everything is plugged in on all 4, it was the 1st things I checked!!!
Expert:  Steve replied 5 years ago.

as I stated above, you will need to contact your phone company to find out why you have no dial tone.


Steve and 32 other General Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
For this I paid $15.00, hope it is not a scam!!
Expert:  Steve replied 5 years ago.


if the equipment inside the house appears to be functioning normally, the problem could be almost anything external to your house including a wiring issue at the residence or the phone company may have cut you off.

the phone company is the next logical step in the process of determining what is wrong.


thank you for the accept.

let me know if you need more help.